If I Had To Pick One

If I had to pick one news program to watch and to recommend to everyone it would be the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News. 
I have deliberately been staying away from the news for months now.  It was just too depressing and being in my situation really changed my outlook on a lot of things.  I stopped reading blogs or news on the web, stopped watching on TV or listening on the radio, etc. etc.  But lately just started watching and reading a bit here and there again. 
Out of everything I watch Bill O’Reilly is the man.  Even if you disagree with him on stuff – you have to admit the guy knows his shit and he’s good.  He makes good points and he definitely stands behind his statements of always “looking out for you.”  It’s no wonder this program is the highest rated news program 8 years running. 
It floors me that people accuse him of just being right winged and a Bush man.  Not so.  Hey, the guy pointed out Bush’s mistakes too.  And McCain’s as well as others.  Is he hot headed and overboard sometimes?  Sure.  Doesn’t change facts though and always tries to make sure everything is out on the table for his viewers and tries like hell to be fair.
The show is excellent and like I said,  if I had to pick one, it would be this one hands down.  I’m tuning in again, every evening and recording it the days I’m working during it’s air times.

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