Hey Mister DJ

So I finally got on the bandwagon and signed up on the blip.fm site.  It’s free and takes about a min. to set up an account.  I had seen people tweeting what they were listening to and have been enjoying clicking on the links to hear the songs. 
Basically it’s a music site where you can search and play songs.  You are considered a DJ.  Now you do what’s called “blipping” a song which is I guess kind of like tagging it or something and then everyone on Blip can see what song you tagged.  You can set it up to your Twitter account and everyone following you can see the song you tagged as well and they can choose to click and listen to it.  You can have a play list.  You can favorite other DJ’s and they can favorite you.  Each time you blip a song you can leave some comments as well.  Other people may respond to your blip choices and you on theirs.  Basically it’s like a music Twitter if you will.
Just a few things I don’t like that I think they need to add/change on their site:
I don’t always want to “blip” a song but I do want the choice to add songs to my play list directly.  You can add a song to your play list but not without blipping it first which is stupid to me.  Why not have the two choices side by side on the song you preview?  Blip, add to play list or both?  How hard is that?  Unless the option is there somewhere but I am just blind or something.  As far as I can tell you can only add the song to your play list AFTER you blip it.
I like that I can have it blip directly to my Twitter but then again, sometimes I don’t.  The reason I say that is because sometimes I’m listening to and blipping many songs in a row.  The last thing my Twitter followers need is a gazillion “what I’m listening to’s” in a row.  A sure way to have followers “unfollow” you.  Yes, I know I can turn it off and then turn it on when I want, but that’s a pain in the ass.  Again, they should have a check box for each and every song you blip to have it tweet or not per song.  Again, how hard is that?  I should be a website tester for sites or something.
I also notice you can only have one play list – or am I just not figuring it out?  Hell, even YouTube lets you make multiple play lists.  I want to categorize my lists.
Love the concept but it needs tweaking.  Oh well, I still like it.  I do like seeing and listening to others choices.  I can get introduced to new stuff or be reminded of songs I almost forgot about. 
Check out my songs – just starting out so not many in there yet.

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