Wizards, Lights and Romantic Night Air

I decided to catch the 9:40 pm showing of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince tonight over at the Westgate theatre.  I had an old AMC gift certificate that my mom gave me and thought why not.  I had been meaning to see the movie since I finished the book not too long ago and wanted to wait till all the kiddie summer crowds died down.  It’s always nice to go to the late show on a week night as well and nobody is hardly out.
I loved the movie of course since I’m a fan.  I liked this one better than some other ones.  For once it wasn’t filmed with one of those blue/green filters or lenses – I hate that.  I felt like I could actually see the movie and what was going on.  The lighting, the costumes and the sets seemed much better too.  I got a much better feel of the surroundings like in the very first movie.  Good cinematography – yes I notice things like that in movies and appreciate them.  I’m weird.
The story was pretty true to the book and this one had a more grown up drama feel which of course I liked.  I’m a drama fan, what can I say.  The movie would have been even more enjoyable if I had been the only one in the theatre which at one point I was till the middle of the opening previews when some young couple came in – they looked 21.  From the middle of the movie till almost the end the broad wouldn’t shut the hell up.  She kept talking to her boyfriend and smacking her gum quite loudly.  I almost took my shoe off and threw it at her.
I have to say I really like the Westgate area.  I can’t get over how many more shops, restaurants and hotels have been built up in the area now.  They even have one of my favorite restaurants – the Yard House (awesome food and drinks here) and also Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville which I have never been too.  It’s really pretty at night with the lights of the restaurants, shops, fountains, Cardinal stadium and twinkle lights they have on the trees.  Decent music is playing throughout the area which is a nice touch.  I kind of wish I had my camera with me to take some shots since it was pretty deserted when I walked out of the theatre. 
The air was perfect tonight too.  Nice and cool but still a touch of warm to it.  It was awesome.  It would have been totally ideal to have had a date with me to walk around with after the movie.  Very romantic, pretty and the perfect night.  Next time I guess.

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