A Minor Step Up

At my current place of retail hell work, a Training Coordinator position opened up and I applied and interviewed with the store Manager.  I got the position. 
Now before everyone jumps up and down congratulating me let me just explain that this position is ONLY 24 hours a week (less than what I’m getting now) and ONLY 40 cents more an hour (or so I heard – I’ll find out for sure what the pay is later) on top of already really low pay.  A professional position that is 24 hours a week with basically no salary, still no benefits and still working a non-steady schedule with hours all over the place.  I’ll be doing more of what I know in the training realm but not much.  The title is just a glamorized way of saying scheduling people for training, doing a wee bit of the new hire orientations and being a secretary for the HR person.
On the flip side, yes, it is a teeny tiny step up.  It also allows me to put something a little less embarrassing than “cashier” on my resume to make it more current with a training title.  The other piece of good news is that the manager said that I can still do cashing as a 2nd position to keep my hours as they are.  So basically I’ll probably work a day or two at cashing just to keep my hours at least up to 30.  They won’t let you do 35 hours and consider that FT.  Yeah… I thought FT was 40 but according to them it’s 35.  *sighs*  I’m also holding on to the cashier job because I heard they had this new position last year but got rid of it… so… you know what that means.  It’s still a vulnerable position so I’m not taking any chances! 
I know I should be ecstatic at this, and I am happy to a degree.  I know it’s a baby step and it’s at least in a better direction by about 2%.  But it’s just such low hours, low pay and not really doing what I’m so capable of.  But yes, it’s a little boost.  I’m grateful for it and I’ll take it.
One of the other things it did for me is get me in front of our new store Manager.  Nice enough guy and all my interactions with him have been positive.  He told me on the phone last night that hands down I impressed him.  Well… I come from a corporate world so that doesn’t surprise me.  That may sound snobbish but in all honesty I could be running the entire training division for this corporation.  But at least the guy got to know me a bit and sees that I’m no freaking slouch.
When I went into work tonight my favorite supervisor hugged me and told me congrats.  She said she knew about it a few days ago on the sly and was very happy for me.  She said when she found out I applied for it she had a feeling I was going to get it.  Funny, another one of my supervisors applied and interviewed for it too after I did which I found kind of interesting.  She has a training background too but at one time she had told me she hated training and glad she wasn’t doing it anymore.  Interesting she applied to this though.
Later I saw my department manager and she was all happy for me and hugging me and congratulating me.  I was quite surprised by this.  She said when she talked with the store manager she said that he told her, “She nailed the interview big time.”
On a downer note, I hated telling my good friend K who started the same day I did and have grown close too.  She is in the same exact position as me (except she’s married and hubster still has his job) with the lay off from a professional position – being unemployed for a year, landing this same job, same age as me.  It was hard telling her because I know it doesn’t help knowing she is stuck as a cashier and seeing me move up (even for a 2% improvement).  Believe me, I would feel the same exact way if it were reversed.  Not that she wasn’t genuinely supportive and happy for me because she was.  But I know how she is feeling deep down.  So I’m trying to keep the talk about it to a bare minimum.  I understand the despair of the situation we are in.  I totally get it and frankly, only those in this position right now are the only ones who can really and truly get it.
This new development is in no way stopping me from the official professional training job hunt.  I’m still looking.  I have to.  I have to get that salary and position back to where it was two years ago – even half the salary of what I was making before would save my life.  So…. I’m totally still job hunting.  I’m also grateful and staying positive.  Positive breeds more positive.  Action, motion and change creates more action, motion and change.  It’s time.
Anyway… a small victory.  Yay me!

2 Responses to “A Minor Step Up”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Well, CONGRATS! 🙂 WOO HOO!

    Step up rather than a step down! That’s something!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I agree. Thanks Cindy.

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