35 Year Old Child

I get an email from a guy on one of my dating sites.  He is in my age range and is attractive.  Has some fun and nice pictures on his profile.  His email to me….
Yep, that’s it.  Uh… this is not IM or text peoples.  It’s an email – a LETTER you send electronically, hence the name email.  Those still exist you know.  Especially when you are introducing yourself for the first time to someone you don’t know but interested in on a dating site.
Then I read his profile. 
About Me:
“i did a search of people in the mesa area and over 700 women came up… did i hit the jack pot or should i be on my guard?? since there are so many fish, i guess finding a woman that can cook wont be to hard.. i actually love to cook but hate the cleaning up.. i am a dad to a nine year old girl.. i have a dog named pepper.. a diesel 4×4 truck with a six speed stick thats bad ass.. i havent had a girl friend since the summer of 07.. so my mouth is like a virgin again.. so yes, im one of them over honest types.. i am like a old fashioned hippy.. one of god’s prototypes.. i love getting my back rubbed… everyone has big boobs on here… i love it!”
First Date:
“i always want what i can’t have… so i got to find out what you wont give and go after that..”
What I pull away from this is the guy is lazy, wants someone to cook and clean for him and rub his back.  Cares only about getting laid vs. meeting a nice girl since he is only looking at everyone’s boobs and has to find out on the first date what we women “won’t give” and try and take it anyway.  It also tells me that he didn’t even bother to read my profile at all.
Yes, yes… I can see the humor in his write up but really?  You can’t even be bothered to write a half way decent email to me to show somewhat that you are serious?  Fail.
On a side note to men on dating sites, stop posting pictures of or telling us about your cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles.  We don’t care.  That’s like if women were to write on their profiles how they have a jewelry collection worth $5000 or a $1000 MAC makeup collection.
**UPDATE:  Wow, while I was writing this post, the guy already deleted his account on the dating site.  Yep, guess he’s only on there looking for ass.  lol

3 Responses to “35 Year Old Child”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I think they are all pretty much just big kids but geez.

    He thinks he’ll get some because he’s sooo honest?! Criminy.

  2. Lincoln Says:

    it wasn’t me, i swear! i alsys captilie my words and i never make an speling mistaks eithetr.


  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Isn’t that a laugh riot? I’m probably really mean for posting these things but some of them just floor me that I cannot resist sharing here.

    lol I know right? I’m horrible at spelling and volcabulary but at least I make the effort. And there is always spell check.

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