Looking For The Sandman Or Something Else?

For some reason I have been up super duper late these last few evenings including tonight.  Can’t sleep and just not really sleepy.  Not sure why.  I’m guessing it’s because I have been a touch sick and so that is messing with my body.  Either that or the all over the place hours I get at work that throws me off too.
At least I am off work for the next two days.  Yay!  Now that I’m starting to feel better I have to admit I’m bored though.  You would think I would use the time for something useful like getting laundry done or cleaning out a closet but I don’t.  Not interesting enough.  Feeling restless like I need to be doing something else, though not sure what.  Just feel restless and the need to misbehave.  This is why I need a husband sometimes, so that I’m in bed at an early hour where I belong and behave myself!
This is one of those times where I wish money were not an issue, because I would seriously be out the door right now and on the road to Las Vegas.  Seriously.  I would drive there, check in to a hotel, get changed, start having some free cocktails, gambling at the blackjack table and looking for a little fun and excitement.  Vegas never sleeps after all.  I don’t have to have a friend tag along or scared to be on my own.  I could easily do this, have a cool few days on my own and return home content and nobody knowing a thing.  Being single for a long time gives you those freedoms and I guess it has been sucking lately since I have this pesky employment problem in this economy.
Maybe it’s because I have my birthday coming up.  For some reason that cheesy ass line from Top Gun keeps coming up in my mind, “I feel the need… the need for speed!”
I just feel restless.  Risk taking.  I dunno.

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