Ted Kennedy's Passing

hmm… what to really say about this…. Can I restrain myself and be nice? 
I’m watching the O’Reilly Factor right now but bored with it and that’s a first.  I’m guessing it’s because of all the Teddy reporting and discussions.  Yes, the guy was part of the Kennedy Dynasty, he’s made some history, he has done some good things in his very, very, very long political career.  Yet, I feel nothing for this man.  I always thought he was an extreme liberal and has said and done some really asshatted things and could never get over how people kept voting him in office.  I don’t know, I guess that whole thing where he left that young woman to die, ran like a coward and got off scott free has never settled for me.  The guy should have gone to jail for that.  That was someone’s daughter.
Am I happy he is dead or that he was sick?  No, of course not.  Do I realize that everyone is human and we all make mistakes?  Of course I do. 
Hopefully his family will get through their loss.  Rest in peace Ted.

2 Responses to “Ted Kennedy's Passing”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Now they (the media) are trying to say he’s the greatest Kennedy?! Seriously?!

    I need to get what they are smoking.

    Maybe he had a longer life and was therefore able to do more, but I would not say that. Ever.

    I’m with ya on the jail-thing!

  2. Tracy Says:


    I have typed and deleted 3 times now.

    Basically, kinder words fail me as I attempt to speak about Ted Kennedy, so it’s probably best to not comment at all.

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