Dubbya DID Volunteer – CBS Knew and Hid It

Remember that 60 Minutes scandal where they had “so-called” documented proof that Bush tried to get out of going to Viet Nam?  Remember how conservative bloggers busted that story wide open and proved those documents were fake?  Well… not only were they fake and 60 Minutes/Dan Rather had to eat crow but there is now even more to the story.
Bernard Goldberg did some digging after a tip and found this…
Until now, the controversy over the Rather/Mapes story has centered almost entirely on one issue:  the legitimacy of the documents – a very important issue, indeed.  But it turns out that there was another very important issue, one that goes to the very heart of what the story was about – and one that has gone virtually unnoticed.   This is it:  Mary Mapes knew before she put the story on the air that George W. Bush, the alleged slacker, had in fact volunteered to go to Vietnam.
Who says?  The outside panel CBS brought into to get to the bottom of the so-called “Rathergate” mess says. I recently re-examined the panel’s report after a source, Deep Throat style, told me to “Go to page 130.”  When I did, here’s the startling piece of information I found:
Mapes had information prior to the airing of the September 8 [2004] Segment that President Bush, while in the TexANG [Texas Air National Guard] did volunteer for service in Vietnam but was turned down in favor of more experienced pilots.  For example, a flight instructor who served in the TexANG with Lieutenant Bush advised Mapes in 1999 that Lieutenant Bush “did want to go to Vietnam but others went first.”  Similarly, several others advised Mapes in 1999, and again in 2004 before September 8, that Lieutenant Bush had volunteered to go to Vietnam but did not have enough flight hours to qualify.
This information, despite the fact that it has been available since the CBS report came out four years ago, has remained a secret to almost everybody both in and out of the media — one lonely fact in a 234- page report loaded with thousands of facts, and overshadowed by the controversy surrounding the documents.
For the record:  George W. Bush has always maintained that he joined the National Guard not to avoid service in Vietnam but because he wanted to be a fighter pilot. He has openly acknowledged that he did not want to be drafted and serve in the infantry, and says he signed up for the Guard knowing full well he would have to spend almost two years in flight training and another four years in part-time service.
It is also true, however, that in his 1968 application to join the Texas Air National Guard Bush was asked if he wanted to go overseas and he checked the box that said “do not volunteer.”  But as the Washington Post reported on July 28, 1999:  “Bush said in an interview that he did not recall checking the box. Two weeks later, his office provided a statement from a former, state-level Air Guard personnel officer, asserting that since Bush ‘was applying for a specific position with the 147th Fighter Group, it would have been inappropriate for him to have volunteered for an overseas assignment and he probably was so advised by the military personnel clerk assisting him in completing the form.’”  He later told the Post:  “Had my unit been called up, I’d have gone . . . to Vietnam.  I was prepared to go.”
However the complexities and seeming contradictions are interpreted, if Bush at any point had volunteered to fly combat missions in Vietnam – as the CBS investigation unequivocally states — how then could he have been a slacker?  The clear answer is that he could not – unless, of course, he volunteered to go to Vietnam knowing full well he wouldn’t be taken.  But if that was the case Mapes would have had an obligation to report both that he volunteered and then produce a credible witness to say it was a sham.  She did neither.
Read Bernard’s entire post on it here.  Worth a read, even the comments.  He also has an update with more details here.  Hot Air has a take on it too.
Yes that’s right sports fans, George W. Bush DID volunteer to go to Viet Nam and that bitch at 60 Minutes knew it before the story aired and didn’t bother to put that in their little story to the American public right before the election.  Of course none of this is out in the mainstream media either.  Wow.  Just freaking wow.
I can’t get over how “journalism” and “professionalism” and “ethics” have all gone down the toilet on the account of people’s political beliefs.  They are all reporting in favor of who they like and against who they hate instead of simply reporting news and facts.  It is no wonder that many of these liberal run rags of newspapers are all going bankrupt and failing.  Not to mention networks like MSNBC with their very liberal slanted reporting is circling the drain in their ratings while Fox News continues to climb.
This pretty important fact has been out in Mapes book (after CBS fired her) but just as Bernard said in his updated piece, who the hell read it?  Who has reported it?  Not many and it certainly didn’t get any mention on the major news networks other than Fox.  And so the American Public as well as the rest of the world won’t get this little tid bit of information about George W. Bush and continue to call him a draft dodger when in fact, it just isn’t true.  It’s sickening.
But to end this on a more humorous note, I found this old web image that someone had on their blog.  This was back in the day when the Rathergate story first exploded with bloggers calling it out that the documents were fake.  I can’t for the life of me remember where I got it since it was years ago or I would credit it.  It might have been Wizbang?  I just remember it making me laugh and so I saved it.

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