Some Men Think Really Highly of Themselves

I think I tweeted about some 20 something Army dude stalking me on one of my dating sites.  I had changed my location on this one to Alaska just out of curiosity of the man pool out there so this guy is living there and emailing me.  I don’t have all of his emails because I deleted them already.  He has sent me like 5 freaking emails and I have never responded – guy obviously can’t take a hint.  Basically I have never responded to him because A) he is too young for me, B) He obviously didn’t bother to read my profile, C) his emails have been weird one liners that are not serious and D) I don’t live there anyway.
Today I get yet another weird email from him saying I’m starting to “creep him out” because I’m rude I don’t respond but that I look at his profile everyday and stalking him.  Ok this had me laughing.  I emailed him back on this one and said in a nutshell that I didn’t respond because his emails seemed weird and not serious about dating and that I don’t look at his profile every day, I only look at it when I get an email from him to refresh my memory of who is sending me this email.  Stalking?  er… I think you have it backwards.  Then he emails me back saying “ok, well if you are not stalking me then, my name is… I’ll give you a chance.” 
More laugher from me as I now hit the “block member” button. 

One Response to “Some Men Think Really Highly of Themselves”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I found you!

    Good grief is he a slow learner or what?!

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