Should I Show My Ta-Ta’s?

I love that this website does a Boobie-Thon every year.  I’m thinking of maybe submitting a picture this year.  What do you think? 
Now you can send in a boobie picture of you in a bra or get creative (which a lot of women do) an have other things covering the boobies like money or paint or cupcakes, etc. etc.  Then you can also submit completely nekkid boobies too.  heh heh.  Of course all the pictures do not have the faces in them so you don’t know who these people are.  I believe you can view all the covered boobies but I think you have to make a $50 or more donation to be able to see the nekkid ones and will get a password for those.  I like that.  It makes it really fun. 
I’ve also noticed that more and more men are actually submitting pictures of their boobies too and it’s quite cute and fun.  That’s pretty cool they join in and some are really funny.  Yes, men can get breast cancer too – it’s not just a female disease.
Of course the purpose of all this is to donate money to their site for breast cancer awareness from October 1st through the 7th. 
Hmmm…. I’ve got a pretty pink bra that I could use for my photo.  Or should I go bare?  Or maybe one of each?  heh heh. 

A Day In the Life of Dating A Martini Girl

Lots of updates here and some pretty juicy stuff.
The “connection” guy is sooo not my cup of tea.  I decided to give it another chance and take his next call.  Borrriiiiing.  I know that sounds bad of me but seriously, I was yawning something fierce and tuning out.  The sad thing is that he seems all interested in me, like REALLY interested.  But in no way am I feeling it.  Then the other day I get on the dating site after work and he’s messaging me.  Telling me to call him.  About an hour or two later he called my house and left yet another message.  Can you say clingy?  This is a no go.  He’s called me a few more times but I didn’t pick up.
Then a few nights ago Home Improvement guy called me.  We chatted a bit and he wanted to get together on the fly that night.  Eh… I turned him down.  Wasn’t feeling it.  Plus I could tell this was a booty call no matter how much he disguised it and I wasn’t digging that.  He sounded pretty disappointed.  heh heh  He’s called a few other times but I didn’t pick up with him either.

House of Fun

For some reason this picture on my Flickr account is getting the most hits from my last uploaded batch.  I find that kind of odd since it’s such a bad shot of me.  Messy hair, no makeup, messy room.  I looked like I just rolled out of my unmade bed in my clothes.  Maybe because it’s the only body shot of me or maybe everyone is curious to see my room.  The room looks terrible considering I had to halt my elaborate plans of redecorating it when I lost my job.  hmpf. 

I Don’t Care If He Makes Beautiful Art

This whole Roman Polanski thing is such a joke.  Not the fact that he finally got caught but all these Hollywood actors and such defending him.  Making up a petition for his release and much, much worse… trying to say it wasn’t rape.  Spinning it so hard as they are trying to convince themselves it wasn’t rape. 
Really?  So drugging a 13 year old girl, taking nude photos of her and having sex with her (including sodomy) AGAINST HER WILL is not rape?  Doesn’t no mean no?  And even if she didn’t say no it would STILL be rape because the girl was drugged.  Plus she was THIRTEEN years old!  Children are taught to obey adults and even worse, they are powerless against them. 
I don’t give a rats ass if the case is 100 years old.  You commit a crime then you need to pay for it.  End of story.  Him fleeing the country and living abroad all these years to escape his punishment just goes to show you what a low life this guy is on top of what he did.
But they all want to go on saying this guy is a brilliant film maker yadda yadda yadda and it wasn’t “rape-rape.”  So Whoopie…. you are telling me that if Stephen Spielberg did this to your 13 year old daughter you’d be totally cool with that?  Then Deborah Winger (someone who I really liked in movies) is also defending this dirtbag.  What is even more rich is that both Deborah Winger and Whoopie Goldberg are part of an organization for being against violence against women.  Oh… but because it’s Roman Polanski raping a 13 year old girl, that doesn’t really count.
These are the same brain children who are telling us how to vote.  What’s next?  Michael Moore doing a piece of crap film with all his spin on this convincing morons who believe Michael Moore films that it wasn’t rape?
If someone did this to my child I’d waste them.


I was sleeping in this morning and then my phone rang at 8:45am and woke me up.  I didn’t pick up and just let the answering machine get it.  It was the store manager!!  He didn’t say why he was calling and to just give him a call.  Yeah, I know why he was calling.  He wanted that presentation that I’m not suppose to do on my off time right?  Why doesn’t he ask the HR lady to do it since she is there in the office today?  I don’t even know what to do with that at this point.  I don’t want to call him back because I didn’t do his stupid presentation.  I’m off work today – leave me alone!  Unbelievable!  Now I feel drained and I only woke up an hour ago.  Great.

What Prompts People to Purposely Be An Asshole?

I get an email on one of my dating sites.  The subject line was “hmmmmmmmmm…..”  and in the body of his email was this:
“slow down on the dougnuts girlfriend………” 
And then it had a couple of animated smilies that were rolling over in laughter and clapping.
Yes out of the blue I just get this.  What prompts a 58 year old man mind you, to purposely go out of his way to be a cruel asshole?  Yes I know I’m not the Barbie figure I once was and I’m totally honest in my profile about my size and current pictures.  I know that people have different tastes and I know a woman like me may not be everyone’s cup of tea but must you go out of your way to be a complete fucking asshole?  If I’m not your style then hit the back button.  He wasn’t exactly what I would call a prize either.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t take it personally but I realllllly don’t need shit like this right now.
**UPDATE:  I sent him an email back basically saying the same thing I just said above and he responds with a “cyber gift” attached to his note saying this:
“It was not ment to hurt you. I was just cutting up. Please forgive me…I think your a preety cool person and im sorry. “
Sure buddy.  Just cutting up, yeah right.  Telling a woman you have never met nor corresponded with to lay off the dougnuts with rolling over laughter.  Gee, what a nice way of saying that I’m pretty cool person.  Something like just woos a woman like crazy.  Fucking asshole. 
I immediately deleted this email without responding and blocked his profile.

I Do Love Me Some Dancing

Yes I do happen to catch the show Dancing With the Stars.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s pretty corny but you have to admit the costumes and most especially the dancing is awesome.  I love it when the professionals do numbers to the guest singers they have on the show.  Every time I watch these beautiful people dance I think to myself they must only eat an ounce of skinless chicken and leafy shit along with their dancing exercise they get.  Their bods are awesome.
I do have to admit I have a little thing for Derek Hough.  Normally I don’t go for blondes but this guy is such a sexy little cutie.  I love his petite and lean body and this guy can dance.  I think he is the best dancer on the show actually.  His smile and personality are infectious too.  But I gotta say, I love his body and the way he dances.  Rawr.  I actually get a physical reaction watching him in the sexy stuff.  Mmm a sexy rumba.
I wish I had a boyfriend or significant other to take dancing lessons with.  I think learning some of these dances would be such blast.  It’s gotta be fun.  I used to go night clubbing back in my twenties and it wasn’t because of the crowd or the music or drinking but mostly for the dancing.  I loved it when guys asked me to dance.  A lot of guys seem to be a bit fearful of dancing and I don’t understand why, men can be pretty good if they just not worry so much and let go. 
Somebody dance with me.