Liberal Children’s Books

The #liberalchildrensbooks thread tonight on Twitter was too fun and too farking funny!  Here is just a taste….
Dick Cheney and the Chamber of Secrets
James and the Giant Deficit
Where the Handout Ends
The Giving Government
Alexander and the No Good, Very Bad Day with George W. Bush
Clifford the Big Red Communist Dog
The Old Woman that Lived in Subsidized Housing
Curious George Goes to a Pro-Abortion Rally
One fish, two fish, red fish, you’re a racist! (one of my favs!)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Kool-Aid
One Fish No Fish Your Fish Is My Fish
Beauty and the Capitalist Beast
If you give an illegal alien a cookie!
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Gitmo
Brothers Grimm Economic Forecasts
A Charlie Brown’s Ramadan
The kool-aid war
Tales of a White House Nothing (another fav)
The Little Engine That Said Yes We Can!
Are You There Obamassiah?  It’s Me Oprah
Man of Green Fables: The autobiography of Al Gore
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood President
The Oppressed Native American in the Cupboard (another fav – oh man)
Napolitano’s Fav – Homeland Hears the WHO.
The Diary of Barney Frank
Little House In The Projects
Where the Deficit Grows
All I really need to know I learned from MSNBC
Disney’s The Lying King
The Poky Little Pelosi
There’s a Moonbat in My Pocket (this one cracks me up)

One Response to “Liberal Children’s Books”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Those are pretty good ones.

    Should be Obama and the Giant Deficit…

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