And You People Are Supposed to be Professional??

So once again I have to say how much it floors me at the people who are HR, hiring managers and recruiters and how rude they are to job seekers.  I got approached by a recruiter who had a training instructional designer position for a very big and well known company.  He saw my resume on a job board and contacted me.  He basically said I’d be perfect for the position and he wanted to get my resume in front of the hiring manager and he would call me back.  Yeah… as usual I never ever heard a peep again.
Of course my last professional trainer interview was so eager to get me in the door for an interview.  (they too sought me out)  Once there with the hiring manager the woman continued to yawn and mess with her cell phone during my interview.  Uh… sorry am I putting you to sleep?  Or maybe you shouldn’t schedule an interview at 2pm in the afternoon when you are tired after lunch and a long day.  Who does this??  At the end of the interview when she was walking me out she said that I would definitely be hearing from her.  Yeah…. NEVER got a peep.  I even called and emailed their HR person and nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  No email, no letter, no return phone call.  I mean COME ON!  That’s cool if you didn’t like me but freaking send a thanks but no thanks email to a person you bring in for an interview.
My good friend K at work told me that she had a job lead from a friend of hers so she took it and called the hiring manager about the position and when could she come in for an interview.  The lady called back and seemed enthusiastic with my friend.  She asked my friend for availability times and took them down.  She said she would call in a day or two with the time and place.  Crickets.  Yep, this lovely woman never called her back or emailed her or anything.  K even called and left a message asking for a time and address.  Nothing. 
I honestly just can’t get over this shit.  You people have no idea how it is literally life and death out there!!!!!!  People are LOOSING THEIR HOMES AND FILING FOR BANKRUPTCY!  These are professional people who had careers, homes, etc. who are now having to get on food stamps.  And you are just still in your little cush job yawning and not giving a crap with no clue just how bad it is. 
Look… I get that everyone can’t be hired.  I get that some candidates are better than others.  But seriously??  After an interview nothing?  You tell them you want to interview them and then nothing?  The constant promise of scheduling an interview with someone and then never calling back to interview them is really out of line and so rude and you have no idea how the professionals who have been out of work for sooooo long are waiting with baited breath to just get word.  ANY word.  Either way.  Yes or no.  

3 Responses to “And You People Are Supposed to be Professional??”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Get this, of course it will probably make you wish you don’t hear from my company…or realize why if you don’t.

    I applied for an internal position. 1 month goes by and I finally email the person and politely point out that I hadn’t heard anything.

    She emails back that they are doing interviews that very day…and I should have gotten a thanks but no thanks card (they are pinkish-brown and tiny…). She apologized. That’s it.

    Did I tell you and I don’t believe there’s anyone internally who’d qualify for the one you applied for? I don’t believe so. Not that they apparently hire from within so you should be a shoo-in. 🙂

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Oh I totally don’t mean this for companies I have applied to. They cannot possibly answer all the applicants resumes that come in because that can be in the thousands and just not physically possible.

    The only ones who I have a problem with doing this is when they ACTUALLY interview you and then nothing. Or ACTUALLY talk to you and WANT you to come in for an interview but then decide not to for whatever reason and never communicate with you again. Hey, that’s cool and all if you found someone better but just have the decency to say thanks but no thanks in those two situations. I mean why would you call someone and tell them how much you love their resume and that you want to get them in for an interview and then never ever call or email them again??? Or go through all the trouble of interviewing them (including flying them out for crying out loud) and then never communicate with you again. Usually when you have candidates in either of those two pools it’s usually 6 people or less. They can’t be bothered to make 5 two min phone calls or emails?

    That sucks that happened to you internally. Good God, this is what I mean. Ugh.

  3. Cindy Says:

    I get what you meant. Once you get to the interview step.

    But from what I’ve seen in my so-called career, I don’t believe most HR people / hiring managers know what they are doing. Don’t know what questions to ask to really see if they’ll mesh or be whiney or whatever.

    Some people can really interview well but are crappy workers and vice versa.

    Most of the time when I feel that I’ve done a really terrible interview is when I get called back and when I feel that I’ve nailed it…well you know.

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