Demi Moore, the Cough and the Cheapskate

That would make a catchy book title wouldn’t it?  heh.  So I had a cold some weeks ago but for some reason I still have a bit of a cough and my voice is hoarse so I sound like Demi Moore.  What’s worse is when I try to sing along to the radio or call my cat in a high pitched voice – no sound comes out.  So yeah, a weird hoarseness in my voice.  This happened to me the last time I had a cold back in January.  It seemed like it took weeks for those two symptoms to go away.
I’m guessing that it’s because it is so damn dry here that I’m just not healing properly because of it.  That, and not drinking enough water.  So I decided I need a cool air humidifier to put some serious moisture in the air.  Trouble is that mine broke two months ago.  I really didn’t want to buy a brand new one.  Ahhh… but then I got the bright idea of going to the Savers thrift store.  They had many of them!  Yay!  I bought a Vicks brand one that looked like a really nice model and it was in very good shape.  $8.00.  Nice.
Then I headed to Target and got a new filter and water cleaner thingy for it.  I had a $5.00 gift card so I got one of the items for free and a dollar off the other.  Yay again.  I also noticed on the shelf that they had the exact humidifier that I just bought at Savers.  Target price… $30.  Yay me again for getting mine slightly used and for a steal. 
I brought it home, cleaned it, changed the filter and popped it on.  So far I can already feel the room getting cooler and feeling nice.  It has that invisible mist too, so no water spouting – just feels like cool air.
I will be using this any time that I’m home and taking it room to room with me where ever I’m spending my time.  I’ll be sleeping with it too.  So…. here’s hoping that it does the trick and I get better.  Not to mention flu season is almost here, keeping the air moist is just one of the keys to fighting off colds and flu.  Oh and yeah, I need to be drinking much more water!
Savers thrift store is my new best friend.

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