You Had Me At Flavored Martinis

So wow, a nice email from a guy on one of my dating sites who is in my age bracket and in my area.  Not only had a nice couple of emails so far but actually writes a REAL email too.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  Man… why is this so rare these days???  Why can’t most men write a real email with genuine interest like this?  Asking questions about me and giving little facts about themselves and being slightly humorous like this guy?
Here’s how it’s going so far….
1st email from him:
Hello Ms. XXXXX 🙂
For some reason, your profile came up in my search results… Not sure why though – I’m in Arizona, so obviously it’d be a little rough to date someone in Alaska.
But your pictures and the Sinatra reference caught my eye. You are absolutely gorgeous! Stop trying to talk those Alaska boys out of looking for a trophy wife – you could be a trophy wife! If you ever decide to give up the frozen tundra for the sweltering heat, definitely look me up! 🙂
Best of luck in your search!
My response:
Thank you for the compliments and nice email. Nice to see there are still some gentlemen out there.
The good news is that I am in the Phoenix area. I had Phoenix originally in my profile when I first set it up so that’s why it still shows in the Phoenix search results I think. I only just recently changed it to say Alaska just on a whim to see what was out there. lol
So yes, I’m in the Phoenix area.
His next email:
Definitely good news for me! It’s like a reward for being nice 🙂
Well, since you’re in Phoenix, I should warn you that I make incredible flavored martinis. (My Pear and Watermelon will rock your world – the secret is real fruit.)
Tell me some more about yourself… What do you do when you’re not masquerading as an eskimo? Are you a big Sinatra fan?
And feel free to ask me anything you’re curious about… I have no secrets 🙂
Talk to you soon,
So…. not saying this will lead anywhere or not.  I have no clue.  But it sure is nice to see a man writing nice messages (even if he is a total pig in disguise) I still appreciate the efforts and deserve them.
Who knows though… the guy makes fresh fruit flavored martinis and digs Sinatra.  That scores points too.  I shall call him… Martini Man.

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