Somebody Tell Me The Movie

So one thing I forgot to mention in my updates on my “Lordy Forty” post was one thing in my conversation with Cindy last night.  When we were talking on the phone, Martini Man called me.  I clicked over and told him to call back in 20 min.  He agreed.  Then Cindy was oooing and ahhing over that and telling me maybe that might be a good thing.  Here’s the jist of our convo…
Me:  Yeah, it’s cool he called, he seemed really decent in his emails.  But… not really attracted to him though.
Her:  Well you never know.  He may turn out to be a really good guy for you.
Me:  I don’t know.  I know it sounds shallow but there has to be that spark too.  Eh.
Her:  *sounding authoritative*  You need to give Martini Man a chance!
Me:  I don’t know, all these dates I go on, they never really go anywhere – at least on my end.  They end up boring me.  It just never works out.
Her:  Aww you only say that because it hasn’t.
Me:  *total laughter*  What movie is that line from???  I know I’ve heard that somewhere!!!
Her: *laughter*  I can’t remember.
Me:  Dammit.  I know I know that line!  Where the fuck is that from???  And I’m good at movie quotes too!
Her:  *more laughter*
So… I still haven’t figured that out.  It probably doesn’t read as funny as when you hear it.  Anyone know the scene/movie/actor who said it?  Grrrr…

2 Responses to “Somebody Tell Me The Movie”

  1. Cindy Says:

    The Princess Bride – I think regarding the Fire swamp!

    Buttercup: We’ll never survive.
    Westley: Nonsense, you’re only saying that because no one ever has.

    There’s a website…

    I should have known – it was on the other day!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I feel like such an idiot! How in the hell could I not know it was one of my favorite movies of all time????? Seriously? It was killing me because I knew that line and I rember always hearing it and laughing.

    Damn… on top of that I’m reminded of my courting challange I first gave Rambo.

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