Forty and Fabulous

I don’t know what it is but I’m feeling pretty good, like I’m on some natural high or something.  Not sure why.  Maybe when the Birthday finally came, it felt more liberating than anything.  Weird.  Especially since the days leading up to it had me all doom and gloom. 
Or maybe it’s knowing I do have some really great friends who care about me.  Even spoiling me (and honestly, I never get spoiled, I really don’t) with my latest Birthday presents.  Got some more goodies in the mail from Cindy again today.  Some of my favorite mascara, a mermaid necklace which I’m loving and her and her hubster’s famous homemade scented soaps.  Love them all and I actually teared up looking at my goodies and thinking of my friends.  Yes I’m a cornball.  I’m totally sentimental.
It may even be other things going on.  Things like losing love but at the same time wishing him nothing but genuine happiness and wondering what could have been.  I think about some nice memories in my mind with such love and fondness.  I miss him.
I looked in the mirror today and after I finished putting on my new plum colored lipstick I thought, “It has to be said, I’m a damn cool chick.  I’m a treasure waiting to be discovered and I will make someone rich.”
Now if I could just get the job I was meant to have………
Maybe I’ll feel down again in the next min or next week.  It comes and goes of course given all my situations.  All I know is right now I feel happy and very sexy.  This just has to be my hot 40th year.

5 Responses to “Forty and Fabulous”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Glad the good ole USPS didn’t let me down! Enjoy!

    And one more on the way. This place I have found is kinda slow and they only use UPS – sadly – because I’d rather pay more for USPS than them. UPS has done nothing but typically let me down and usually at the most critical times – birthdays, Christmas…

    Oh and I got me some of that mascara since you’ve been raving about it. Tried it today – I am digging the brush. Seems like the lashes are more defined and separated and not clumped together.

    So thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Barbi Says:

    ^5 chickie! thats the attitude! you really are so incredible! I am blessed to have you as my friend!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    the mascara you got me is the waterproof kind, I had the regular one last time. I know sometimes the formulas are different sometimes between the two. Though I have needed the waterproof kind lately! lol I was out of mine anyway so this was perfect timing.

    Thanks chicky. I am blessed to have you too! Miss you.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Yes you are. You are beautiful, sexy, smart, creative, funny, kind, good hearted and interesting. You deserve to have it all and I’m sure you will get it all. Don’t let that other bullshit get you down because it’s his fault and his loss.

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks for your encouraging and kind words Drew. It means a lot to me. Sadly it is very hard not to let the other stuff get me down though. I’ll be honest, I’m heartbroken. It’s going to take someone very extraordinary to make me trust men again at this point I think. That feeling could change but I don’t know.

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