I Had The Time of my Life

What to say about this guy?  Well I liked him, that’s for sure.  Of course I liked the standard hit Dirty Dancing.  He was sexy, danced well (women like men who like to dance) and it was a romantic film.  Wow.  Sexy.  Even my fussy man’s man father liked it.  I liked him in Ghost too.  One of my favorite films was when he played a bad guy in Point Break.  I always loved that he was the one with the Ronald Reagan mask – heh.  We sometimes forget him as a wolverine in Red Dawn killing the commies.  Another one of my favs is the tough older brother and greaser he plays in the Outsiders. 
He’s been in a TON of stuff.  Even an episode of M*A*S*H… but who wasn’t?  I almost forgot about that mini series North and the South – good one.  He played a very lovely man in drag.  Who can forget the funny ass Chippendales skit with him and Chris Farley on SNL?  And Roadhouse?  Yep.  The guy even had a decent song in the 80’s for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.
Every time I had ever seen Patrick Swayze on a talk show or interview over the years he always seemed like such a nice and genuine guy.  One thing I always liked about him was his love for his wife.  He ALWAYS talked so highly of her and how much he loved her.  He definitely married his best friend.
I’ll miss you Mr. Swayze.  Rest in peace.

One Response to “I Had The Time of my Life”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I concur – he will be missed.

    I remember my brother & I saw Red Dawn in the movie theater – we were on vacation and the ‘rents let us go by ourselves…

    People in the movie theater were laughing when the commies parachuted into the school yard. We looked at each other because we failed to see the humor in this. crazy.

    I was really getting into the A&E show he was doing The Beast. Guess that won’t be coming back…

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