All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

I got to sleep in a bit today which was really nice.  But now I’m wondering what to do with my two days off.  Clean (which I seriously need to), read my book all day, make a tutorial video for one of my other channels, take myself to the movies (I have a free pass), pop in Finding Nemo (been craving watching that for some reason),  flirt online, or call boys for dates. 
Hmmm… just bought a cute new shirt and some makeup so I’m itching to show it off heh heh.  Sadly it’s the only thing I can afford right now.  If I were making my usual salary I think I would have drove to Las Vegas by myself and parked at a blackjack table.  Gambling, free drinking and looking for a guy to bed me.  I think that would be the perfect way to bring in my 40th year.
All I’m thinking of now is the song Too Much Time On My Hands by Styx.  Hmmm… yes, time to blip that song.

4 Responses to “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Which reminds me – i emailed you about to where are we reading in the book?

    I’m up to chapter 8 – adrenaline. I think I’ll stop there. I believe I checked and there are 24 chapters plus epilogue.

    Martooni Man is going to make you a pear martini that will rock your world so hard, I’ll feel it here!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I’m behind once again. I only read the first chapter of New Moon. I’ll be catching up though either tonight or tomorrow and hopefully write a review.

    LOL I like that you call him “martooni man” He’s probably too busy studying for the bar.

  3. Andrew Says:

    Go on lots of dates and get some. You and I will have to do Vegas sometime and do it right.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Yep. I agree Drew.

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