You Did Me Proud Big Guy

So….. I finally got to see the finale of the show More to Love and he picked the brunette!  YAY!  I was going to be so pissed if he picked the blonde.  I just now finished watching it because I recorded it.  A phone call interrupted me right as the big moment was about to happen so I had to leave the room and finish my phone convo.  lol
But yes! yes! yes!  I did like the blonde in the beginning but as time went on it was obvious to me she was only in it to win it.  Not be sincere and find love.  I don’t think she really cared for the guy.  I think she just wanted to be “taken care of” like a lot of women out there.  *shakes head*  Plus it seemed like she wasn’t crazy about kids and just didn’t seem genuine in her feelings.  The brunette – Kali I think her name is, was way more sincere and seemed right for the guy.  I could see him being much happier with her.  She is so pretty too.  I was totally rooting for her.  Brunettes do it better anyway!  heh heh
Yeah, I never thought I’d get into a silly ass show such as this but I’m a fruit loop I guess.

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