Of Course

Yeah, remember I told you this?  Yeah well, Legends of the Fall is on Oxygen right now.  I always get sucked into this movie.  Bastards.  Everyone in this story all dies or ends up with a broken heart.  Man…  See…. what did I tell you?  Oh and the Notebook is on yet AGAIN tonight and the Way We Were was on AGAIN the other night.  I’m convinced the networks are trying to freaking kill me.  At this point I may just name my first son Tristan Hubbell *Insert last name here*.

3 Responses to “Of Course”

  1. Cindy Says:

    You know, I only just saw The Way We Were about 4-5 months ago…it was ok. I guess maybe if I’d seen it what 20 years ago.

    Right now, Never Been Kissed is on. Love Drew. And Michael Vartan, YUMMMMMM! Loved him on Alias.

    And Ever After. mmmm. Dougray Scott was really yummy. But in IM2 or 3 not so much.

    You’ll probably want to disown me when I tell you that I’ve NEVER seen The English Patient…

    Guess I’m more a romantic comedy girl. Loved Music & Lyrics…hmm I’m getting a theme (drew is in all of these).

  2. Andrew Says:

    You are such a romantic girl! But that is one of the things I love about you. I have to catch up on your blog so check for comments in the older ones.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Will do Drew.

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