New Moon Book Review – Part 1

newmoonI’m a wee bit late with getting my part one (of three) reviews up of the continuing Twilight saga.  Book 2 – New Moon.  I don’t even know how to write this review quite honestly without it coming out all weird.  I say that because there is so much about this story that mirrors me or what’s going on or my feelings.  Frankly it really sucks too because all it does it remind me of things and makes it kind of painful and annoying, almost to the point of anger.  It’s weird because there were parts in the first book like that too in a good way and how interesting the 2nd book almost takes the same turn in line with what is going on with me.  I know, I read into stuff too much I guess but all the similarities still stare me in the face when I read along.  I guess I’ll give it my normal type of review first and then list out the similarities last.  There is a lot to cover here so get a tasty beverage to read this long one.  🙂
This book, unlike the first one, really gets into it right away.  I like that.  No beating around the bush now that we have all the background, descriptions and characters.  It’s interesting right from the very first chapter. 
Hmmm… let’s see.  The very first pages begin with it being Bella’s Birthday… September 13th and how much she is hating it.  She hates the fact she is getting a year older and has bad dreams about growing old while Edward is still young – kind of reminds me of the whole thing with the Highlander movie.  She doesn’t want a fuss over her birthday but Edward forces her to his house so his family can throw her a small party with gifts.  As she is about to open the one gift from her love, she accidentally cuts her finger on the paper and a drop of blood comes out.  Yeah, oops.  Jasper, one of the family members instincts kicks in and he goes into berserk attack mode and Edward has to protect her.  In doing so she falls on the table and things smash and she cuts herself worse.  More blood.  The rest of the family has to pull Jasper back and take him out of the house.  The sad fact is that he has been on the “animal diet” a lot less than the others so of course it is extremely hard for him to fight the urges of going after human blood right now.
The night is of course soured and Edward’s mood becomes very serious and distant.  He’s obviously very upset.  Later that night he reluctantly comes to her room (something he does every single night without her dad knowing since they have been seeing each other) and she finally gets to open his present to her.  She was mad earlier he spent money on her but he told her he swears he didn’t pay a thing for it as promised.  She opened it up to find a homemade CD with his music on it.  When she played it her eyes watered up.  It was a really nice romantic gesture and thoughtful on his part.
They start to kiss and she wants to keep going but he pushes her back.  Their passion has never gone physically past this point yet in their relationship.  These are his rules.  His.  I like that but at the same time I can’t wait for them to get it on.  heh heh.  That’s bad of me since this is a teeny bopper book.  But I can relate to the passion wanting to come out and Bella’s frustrations of not being able to get it.
In the next few days, Edward is still quite visibly upset over the incident with his family and Bella.  He’s very distant, not himself, skips spending a night with her, etc. etc.  Bella of course notices it and feels bad like it’s her fault, she tries to blow this off and thinks he will get over it soon.  But he doesn’t.  He takes her for a walk after school and drops the big bomb on her.
He tells her his family including himself are moving away.  That it’s dangerous for her to be around him.  That he refuses to take her life or wanting anyone else to do so either because he feels vampires are monsters with no souls.  Basically the same thing that he has always been conflicted with around her.  He makes her promise him not to do anything reckless and dangerous that could hurt herself and then he gives her his promise which of course sucks major balls….
“I promise that this will be the last time you’ll see me.  I won’t come back.  I won’t put you through anything like this again.  You can go on with your life without any more interference from me.  It will be as if I’d never existed.”
She was stunned.  He didn’t really apologize or give her a lingering good-bye or a nice kiss or anything.  Then POOF!  he was gone.  Later she noticed that he had stolen her photographs of him and his CD from her room so that he left nothing of himself for her. 
October, November, December and January come and go with just blank pages in the book with nothing but the name of the month on them.  All this time Bella basically shut down.  Became a zombie.  Tried to fake being present and just went through the motions of living.  Charlie (her dad) put his foot down and threatened to send her back to her mother because she wasn’t snapping out of her heartbreak and was doing a terrible job at faking it in front of him.  So she gets a little desperate to change his worry since she doesn’t want to leave Grand Forks. 
Bella then tries to get more involved with her old friends again.  They are all shocked that she has now opened her mouth to speak.  Mike, the guy who was ga-ga over her last year is all trying to go for it again with her.  Jessica is irritated with her from their night of going out when Bella sort of acted weird by approaching some grown men at a bar – during this little episode she heard, or thought she heard Edward’s voice telling her not to be reckless as she promised and to turn around right that instant.  Bella couldn’t get her arms around that.  She wasn’t sure if that was her own subconscious and mind playing tricks on her or if that was really him talking to her.
It was later she decided, to hell with her promise to him because his promise was broken as soon as he said it.  He couldn’t keep a promise of “It will be as if I’d never existed” because he can take himself out of the picture now, take his pictures and CD but the past memories are still with her.  So…. with that, she decides that reckless is what she NEEDS to be now.
She gets two free broken down motorcycles that don’t run and takes them to her native American buddy Jacob (who is also ga-ga for her) to fix them up.  She wants this done on the sly of course because her dad would freak out.  She also wants Jacob to teach her to ride.  In payment she is going to let him keep one of the motorcycles and take her on a date.  He enthusiastically agrees.
The surprising thing in all of this is that Bella finds herself loving the company of Jacob.  She is genuinely happy around him.  She smiles, laughs, listens and is interested in the things he talks about.  Of course she only feels friendship for him since he is two years younger than her.  But I kind of wonder though because she was totally noticing his muscular bod, his strength, his newly squared jaw line and dark skin and all that jazz.  hee hee
Her dad has become more relaxed now knowing she has been hanging out with his really good friend’s son.  He likes seeing her be more herself with Jacob.
Once the motorcycles are finished her and Jake head out to an area so he can teach her to ride.  Along the way they see some men jumping off really high cliffs into the water.  One of them was Sam and Jake goes into detail how that guy irks him and the reasons why.  I won’t get into details on this but I can tell it’s going to be important later.  I’m also wondering about that gigantic grizzly bear that people are spotting in the area.  Those silly Native Americans, changing into animals and such!  har.
Once Jacob gives Bella the basics, she starts her first ride on her motorcycle and wouldn’t you know it, the voice of Edward makes an appearance again and the tone pissy and telling her she is breaking her promise and to stop this at once.  That she is being dangerous and stupid.  She crashed a time or two but nothing serious.  She loved it.  She got the adrenaline rush she was looking for and I could tell she was a bit amused that she ignored Edwards demands and went on with riding anyway.
That’s where chapter eight pretty much ended.  Even with the similar and irritating reminders I’m reading I do like the story.  I think I’m going to like the 2nd book much better than the first.  It will be interesting when the movie comes out to see if that one is better than the first too.  There are other things I can talk about like how Edward and the rest of his family became vampires, more interesting background on Edward’s dad (his vampire dad anyway) Carlisle, as he has an interesting past.  But wow, there is so much and I can’t recap it all as this is already pretty long and detailed.  heh.
I still can’t get over the similarities of this story to me right now like how it’s her birthday on September 13th and how she was dreading the day.  Hmmm…. sound like anyone else you know who just had a birthday on September 10th?  The gift of a homemade CD of Edwards music sadly bugs me to no end too.  Something I was promised to get from someone and never did – kind of like how Edward presented it and then took it away.  Same feeling.  Then there is a shitty incident that changes everything.  Because of it, Edward says that line I quoted above and it is eerily similar to words I got too.  And POOF!  All traces of him gone.  Yep.  Me too.  To top it off he gets to see what she is doing and yet she can’t see what he is doing.  Yep.  Me too.  Then there is all the pain that Bella describes (that I didn’t mention above) that she is going through and trying to deal with it by herself.  She’s just suppose to get on with her life as if nothing ever happened in one big swoop and shut off all the emotions and past.  Yep.  Me too.  This quote in particular seemed to get me, “Forbidden to remember, terrified to forget; it was a hard line to walk.”  What makes it hard too is knowing that the characters in this series will probably end up getting what they want but the sad fact is, I won’t.  As much as I’m really starting to love the story, the simularities and reminders are pissing me off because it hurts.  So, I’m probably going to have a love/hate relationship with the Twilight books.

6 Responses to “New Moon Book Review – Part 1”

  1. Liz Says:

    that stinks that your life is mirroring the story. who is this mystery man that did this to you? Time for you to move to Florida!

  2. Cindy Says:

    I felt badly for Jacob. I mean she’s just using him to further her ends of thrill-seeking, etc. so she can just hear Edward’s voice of reason.

    She’s kinda whiney. I don’t think you’re whiney. Although her whiney-ness is pretty typicaly hysteria of the teen years. Every small wound, ill-perceived wrong is catastrophic. And not to mention selfishness. Which can only come to a bad end.

    The snippets I’ve seen of the new movie do look good. I think they are sticking fairly close to the book. Wow. What a concept!

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    It’s a long story. If I had the killer job waiting for me there, I’d go.

    Yeah she has always used Jacob which is why I’m surprised at how much she has actually been enjoying his company. I’m guessing she may use him to make E jealous but not sure.

    I don’t really see her as whiney. I know some teens who are WAY WAY spoiled and whiney. lol She seems more like a manipulative person though. So far I like the story though.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    By the by… did you get my emails about the soaps?

  5. Cindy Says:

    nope, no emails about soap…didja send it to this email?

  6. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes I sent it to this email. I’ll resend it.

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