Works Both Ways

One of my Twitter pals or should I say hot stud Twitter pals goes through the same hoops I do with online dating.  He left a really sweet response to my comment too.  Awww Linc… you make me bat my eyes at you with your sweet words!  You are a very nice guy.
He attached a hilarious video in his post about women in the dating world.  I couldn’t stop laughing my ass off.  It’s funny to see the man perspective with that. 
So in turn, I leave you now with THIS vid that exemplifies for all time why men these days are just not worth the trouble anymore.  lol This is why we want to stab men in the eyes that say “hi” to us!  lol



13 Responses to “Works Both Ways”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Yes, but when THEY find out all you want them for is sex, they’re annoyed. uh, hello?!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I know right?

  3. Liz Says:

    Who’s this Linc dude? He seems funny. Some interesting flirting going on in his post comments between you and him.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    He’s a nice guy that I follow on Twitter. He’s handome, witty and conservative. You know… my type. lol

  5. Lincoln Says:

    I have money. 😉

  6. Lincoln Says:

    BTW, I watched the video and then happened to see some of the video responses, including teenage girls making lewd, smutty vids singing bang bang bang.

    WHAT. THE. F*&^.

    OMG, I just wanna stab my eyes out now.

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    Linc, I’m laughing to your first comment. Well baby, it’s not about money with me. Just treating me well goes a long, long way. 😉

    As for the 2nd comment. Damn, I guess I should take down the video response I made now. “Shidda bang, bang, bang….”

  8. Lincoln Says:

    Whoa whoa whoa, let’s not jump the gun here. Please allow me to evaluate this video response you made first before drawing any conclusions. Oh, even better if it’s in high-def.


  9. Martini Girl Says:

    Hee Hee you do make me like being a girl sometimes. I have actually thought about doing some video blogs from time to time. Not sure if I want to put them on Youtube or I think Flickr lets you upload vids too. I wonder if twitpic does? Hmmm…

  10. Lincoln Says:

    The easiest one is 12 seconds though that of course means you can only do 12 second clips. Seems to be popular though.

    Other than that there’s Vimeo and a few others. I need to do some research myself as I may branch out into vidblogging down the road. I just need to come up with a cool costume to hide my secret identity. 😀

  11. Martini Girl Says:

    Well now that would be cute if you had this “persona” on video. You could do a Blues Brother look with dark shades, fedora hat and suit with a ciggy dangling out of your mouth (unlit if you don’t smoke). Hmmm… or you could wear a suit and just one of those old rubber Ronald Reagan masks. Now THAT would be cool! lol You’d probably have to search ebay for that though. Or maybe you could be some jacked up Viet Nam vet who is all rude and crude with cammie face paint on. lol Of course it would be a lot of trouble to go through every time you wanted to film. You’d have to film a few at a time to make it worth it and then upload them at different times. That would be funny as hell though.

  12. Lincoln Says:

    If I did this I’d go with one of those glue masks like Chris O Donnell wore in the batman and robin movie:


  13. Martini Girl Says:


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