I Do Love Me Some Dancing

Yes I do happen to catch the show Dancing With the Stars.  Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s pretty corny but you have to admit the costumes and most especially the dancing is awesome.  I love it when the professionals do numbers to the guest singers they have on the show.  Every time I watch these beautiful people dance I think to myself they must only eat an ounce of skinless chicken and leafy shit along with their dancing exercise they get.  Their bods are awesome.
I do have to admit I have a little thing for Derek Hough.  Normally I don’t go for blondes but this guy is such a sexy little cutie.  I love his petite and lean body and this guy can dance.  I think he is the best dancer on the show actually.  His smile and personality are infectious too.  But I gotta say, I love his body and the way he dances.  Rawr.  I actually get a physical reaction watching him in the sexy stuff.  Mmm a sexy rumba.
I wish I had a boyfriend or significant other to take dancing lessons with.  I think learning some of these dances would be such blast.  It’s gotta be fun.  I used to go night clubbing back in my twenties and it wasn’t because of the crowd or the music or drinking but mostly for the dancing.  I loved it when guys asked me to dance.  A lot of guys seem to be a bit fearful of dancing and I don’t understand why, men can be pretty good if they just not worry so much and let go. 
Somebody dance with me.

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