That was the day I had yesterday.  Oh. my. gawd.  This is going to be a long winded rant.  Apologies for all the profanity.  I’m just soooooooooo fustrated and upset.
So… I recently got a “so-called” promotion at douchemart to a Training Coordinator role.  Yeah… well first let me say not to jump up and down because it’s only like just over $9.00 an hour and 24 hours a week.  Yeah.. part time.  You can’t live on it and the job barely pays for my food, gas and maybe a bill or two.  I’m pretty much exactly where I was just cashing.  The 2nd part of that is I’m not even doing hardly ANYTHING related to training.  I conduct a new hire orientation once in awhile but that seriously is not training.  You have them fill out paperwork, watch videos and tell them the rules and practically non existent benefits.
The rest of my job is basically HR bullshit that the current lady does.  Oh wait, they call it “personnel” and not HR.  Who still calls it that?  She has been basically teaching me how to pass out paychecks, finalize payroll, how to make time adjustments for people on the time clock, putting people on LOA and other crap like that.  The one nice thing is the lady who does all this…. she is super.  Very fun, nice, positive, knows her stuff and a good teacher.  She is just one of those great people you run into once in awhile.  But quite honestly it’s a bullshit admin job that pays crap.  I still do cashiering one day a week just so I can keep my hours to at least 32 a week.
But still, I try and be positive.  I try to be grateful.  For the most part I’m positive and just doing what I need to do all the while STILL looking for professional work and getting nothing.
So yesterday she was off that day and didn’t tell me.  Every week I work on some days that she is not there and that is not usually a big deal but yesterday had so many layers of frustrating gayness to it.  It. was. non-stop. all. day. long.  I accomplished two things that entire day, just two.  I finalized the payroll and hung up the new online computer training course schedule.  The rest of the day was filled with the following crap.
  • The phone rang off the hook all day long.  One call after the other and mostly is was all people wanting to know the status of their applications they put in.  Of course I can’t tell them anything.  I don’t know their status.
  • Employees coming in and out of the office.  And let me explain that Personnel has no door, no private office.  Completely open and full of traffic.  Yeah.  Who in the hell has an HR office like that???
  • The people were all asking for… their pay stubs which they should have picked up a week and a half ago, how they forgot to clock in and need a time adjustment, and many, many other bullshit things.  All day long.
  • Every time I started a work task or project, a manager, employee or the store manager himself asked me to start on this or that, but then that would get interrupted with yet a new request.  I would start on that and then THAT would get interrupted with a new request and so on and so on.  So basically I had like 20 tasks/projects that all got started and none of them completed.  None of them.
  • Then they decided to have the fire department over to check and test everything.  So the fire alarms kept going off and on and off and on.  And let me tell you, that shit was so disturbingly loud.  It scared the holy hell out of me every single time it went off.  I can’t stand loud disturbing noises and that was the worst.  I felt like I had a heart attack every time it went off and I had to plug my ears.  Oh and what a joy it was when you were on the phone with an applicant to have that suddenly go off and last 2 min.
  • A of questions and requests I got all day I unfortunately didn’t get trained on yet or know the answer to.  So I had to say “I don’t know and you’ll have to ask XXX when she gets back” throughout the day.  It’s frustrating because then it makes me look and feel like an idiot.
  • Douchemart is big on people not working or answering work related questions during your off time or breaks – they stress it.  Yeah it seems to apply to everyone but Personnel.  I’m in the break room on my lunch break trying to make my lunch when some douchebag kept asking me about her medical LOA.  I told her 3 times to come see me later in the office when I can get to her file.  She continued to tell me her fucking story 3 more times.  Oh and then another douchebag followed me in the can!!  She went on and on and on about her taking her son to the emergency room and with her calling in does it count as personal time or sick time.  God can I fucking pee????  Once again, I told this moron to come to the office later.  She like the other, continued to explain it again and again and again.  I told her 4 fucking times, “See me in the office.”  She didn’t of course.  Jeezus, even on my nights of cashing now the other cashiers are starting to bug me with Personnel questions.  I mean, quite honestly I like having the one night to cash so I can break up my week and just do a mindless job.  Now I can’t even have that small pleasure in peace.
  • For weeks I haven’t been able to use my file cabinet because the lock is broke.  So finally the “janitor” came in to take a look at it.  I explained to him what was wrong with it and showed him.  He looked at me and said where is XXX?  My note says to talk to her and she would explain it.  Uh… hey ass wad, I just fucking explained it to you.  It’s MY file cabinet.  XXX is not here as you can see.  Then he went on to say if he exchanges the locks, there were no keys.  Uh… well that defeats the purpose of having a file cabinet in Personnel doesn’t it.  I had to tell him 3 times it is imperative I have locks that work WITH keys.  He kept going on and on like 4 times giving me his same stupid answer and I kept repeating mine.  I swear to god all the fucking employees at this place seem to have this issue of NOT FUCKING LISTENING AND CONTINUING TO TELL ME THE SAME SOB STORY 10 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!  Then I have to give them the answer 10 TIMES!  I finally said to him, “fine.  Don’t bother doing anything then.  If there are no keys then you go tell XXX the store manger you can’t do it and why.”  Then he changed his tune and said, Let me see what I can do.  10 min of my life wasted right there.
  • Then some cashier (who has OCD) came in and all these questions about how she can’t go over so many hours for her disability checks or some shit.  She wanted to know how to take away her already paid bereavement pay she had on the last check.  She wanted to know which was more, gross or net.  She didn’t know how to read her pay stubs or get online to look them up and on and on and on and on.  I answered her questions over and over and over and over and she still kept going on and being so freaking needy.  I told her to come back at three because I had called the other personnel lady by this time and she was going to come in later and help me with something else.  So what does this idiot do?  Comes back at 1:30 and asks me if the lady was there.  I said, “What time is it?”  She smiled and said, “I know, but I thought maybe you would have an update.”  Later at 3pm I happened to be talking with the store manager about a project he wants me to do and this little bitch comes into his office and interrupts us over her stupid questions. 
  • Then later when I was coming back from the bathroom I come into the office to find some other employee not only sitting at my desk using the HR phone to make a personal call but he was looking through my personal planner AND I LEFT IT CLOSED.  Yeah, the cashier supervisor was reading my personal list on my planner the other day too.  WTF???????????
So the store manager calls me and asks me if I can come into his office because he wanted my brain to work on something for him.  Great, maybe this will be something meaningful.  I love projects.  So I grab my pen and paper and see him.  It’s about 2:30pm at this point.  He says to me this, “I want you to pull the Training Coordinator job description and really go through it and look at all the stuff that the TC role is really doing and not doing.  Make a list of the pros and cons. Because I know the role is much more admin assistant than training.”  Then he suddenly goes on to explain how stores like Best Buy have one person dedicated to being a store “scheduler” and how they are responsible for all the employee scheduling.  Where we have all of our managers spending 3 hours a week trying to schedule their people and it’s taking up too much of their time.  “So, I want you to list out some benefits on this as well.  Benefits of maybe having the TC be the scheduler.  Then weigh out the costs like how much should we pay this person.  Then put maybe some other scenarios too like do we have the scheduler be in charge of approving day off requests or should that still be the manger.  I want this in a nice PowerPoint presentation.  Oh, and I need this by tomorrow afternoon.”
…..Uh….. yeah you can just imagine everything that was fucking going on in my head with this shit he just gave me.  So….. he wants to make me the store scheduler????????   OH FUCK NO!  I’m sorry but that is NOT my job and not what I interviewed for.  I don’t even KNOW how the store operates with this kind of thing – I have NO experience at that and for Christ sakes we are a 24 hour super store.  Oh and these employees are already bitter and pissy about how they get scheduled.  Who are they going to come to for bitching and change requests?  Yes that’s right, ME!  NO FUCKING THANK YOU.  All 291 associates constantly coming to me for changes and whining and how they are suppose to get this or that or these hours or this day off every week and on and on and on.  I swear to god I cannot believe how LAZY the department managers are.  They don’t pay them, they don’t pass out their checks, they barely approve their time off – the hr lady has to get on them about that.  And now they don’t even want to schedule their people???  THESE ARE YOUR GODDAMNED PEOPLE!!!!!!!  Every other place I have ever worked and had my own employees, I paid them, handed out their checks, did their reviews, scheduling and so on.  You are suppose to do that with your own employees.
I honestly couldn’t believe this shit head was asking ME to change my own job and try to sell it with some bullshit presentation for him so HE could present it and sell it to someone.  Now the guy never said he was changing my job.  Just to put all this pros and cons bullshit together that happens to be about my role.  On top of this he was telling me this in the late afternoon and that he needed it tomorrow afternoon.  Never mind the other assignments he gave me due that day and the other bullshit piled on my desk with the constant interruptions.  I told him that I was off tomorrow (Tue and Wed) and that I didn’t think I could get it done for him.  He said, “Aww come on Martini Girl, you said you liked projects and challenges in your interview.”  I couldn’t believe this shit.  I told him I could do it from home then.  He said “no, you can’t work on your off time”  WTF?????? When else am I suppose to do it?  Where else can I do it without the constant interruptions?  Where else can I use PowerPoint since this shit hole does not have Word, Excel, PowerPoint or internet or any other tools we need to do our jobs more effectively?  Yes that’s right kiddies I’m in an office that has NONE of those things in 2009.  And yes, I’ve asked him for those applications (funny, he has them on HIS computer) and he told me no, but that I could use HIS computer.  This place is such a joke.
Well later when the personnel lady came at 4pm I broke down and cried.  I told her everything.  When I told her of the store manager’s request she was like, “What????”  She told me no way and not to do it.  Well how can I not since he is the boss.  She told me no.  She went on to say, we don’t have that job (scheduler) and there was no way I could know what to pay them and that I was off tomorrow and no way I can get it done in an hour since I was suppose to clock out at 5pm.  She sent me home.
So…….. I have no idea what this is all about.  And this place is so scared shitless of the union coming in?  Gee….. maybe if you people pulled your heads out of your asses, run this place like a professional business instead of some ma and pa shop and treat your employees better you wouldn’t have the union threat.
But “Save money… live better” right?
I have got to find another job and it’s pointless.  Unemployment CONTINUES to go up.  How can I find a professional training job when unemployment continues to go up???

4 Responses to “Ridiculous”

  1. Lincoln Says:




    May a day like that never be lived again.

    But you know what, I was reading this, and I was noticing just how curiously the similarities were between the people I work with and the people you work with. My job doesn’t require anything more than a diploma, which means I interact with uneducated people and God in heaven if that doesn’t eventually make me want to go on a violent rampage. I mean I seriously cannot have an intelligent conversation with anyone I work with.

    There was only one or two occasions when I found myself in an office staffed by people who were all college educated and the difference is night and day, I hate to say it. The stupidity really does wear on you, and I can understand why it would be one of the bigger reasons you miss your old job.

    The only thing I could do was to simply not interact with them. It makes me come across as aloof and disinterested and that’s not how I want to be, but I have no choice. I talk to them and it’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. So now I’ve mentally reduced the office chatter to white noise.

    You have to understand that most of these people are beneath you, and that’s not to be arrogant about things, but simply underscores the reality that you were blessed with a sounder mind and capacity for intelligent thinking that for whatever reason just seems to skip right over them. I hope for your own sanity you’ll be lifted out of that situation soon and find yourself in a better job and a better place. Don’t give up.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes it’s a nightmare especially that day. I couldn’t believe it. It feels like I’m in some alternate universe or something.

    I’ve read your work stories and I feel for you too. That whole thing about that stupid woman not understanding the twins concept. Wow.

  3. Tracy Says:

    I must thank you for this post for a couple reasons:

    1) I read this while folding and stuffing a 1-inch stack of invoices to be mailed out, and I was so mesmerized by the description of how insane your work day was that before I knew it, there was less than 1/2 an inch of invoices left. I’m very grateful that you shared this story because it made the task go by faster!

    2) I’m very sorry that you’re surrounded by such major idiots. This story makes me really appreciate the quiet, peaceful, mindless task of folding invoices once a month, and it’s always beneficial to remember the little blessings, so thanks for providing that reminder to me. You continue to have my sympathies as put up with such bullcrap for a part-time paycheck.

    Lincoln is spot on in his comment about limiting interaction with uneducated people.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks Tracy. Even at professional places some people are like this too. Not as bad because you can deal with one or two of them. I’m in layers of retardation here.

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