A Day In the Life of Dating A Martini Girl

Lots of updates here and some pretty juicy stuff.
The “connection” guy is sooo not my cup of tea.  I decided to give it another chance and take his next call.  Borrriiiiing.  I know that sounds bad of me but seriously, I was yawning something fierce and tuning out.  The sad thing is that he seems all interested in me, like REALLY interested.  But in no way am I feeling it.  Then the other day I get on the dating site after work and he’s messaging me.  Telling me to call him.  About an hour or two later he called my house and left yet another message.  Can you say clingy?  This is a no go.  He’s called me a few more times but I didn’t pick up.
Then a few nights ago Home Improvement guy called me.  We chatted a bit and he wanted to get together on the fly that night.  Eh… I turned him down.  Wasn’t feeling it.  Plus I could tell this was a booty call no matter how much he disguised it and I wasn’t digging that.  He sounded pretty disappointed.  heh heh  He’s called a few other times but I didn’t pick up with him either.
Lawyer man called and left a message but I wasn’t home when he called.  He apologized he hasn’t called due to being up to his eyeballs in school.  Which I actually believe since I’m sure law school is pretty grueling than most college classes.  Especially the last leg of it before the bar exam.  My gut tells me I won’t hear much from this guy.  I’m not too disappointed really.
Still also chatting here and there with Twitter man.  I have to say though, some of the things we have talked about remind me of someone else and not sure if I like that or not.  Personally I think the guy is just holding back from getting dirty but can’t be sure.  Like he is behaving himself for right now, but itching to dirty chat.  Just a feeling and usually my feelings are pretty right on the money.  But… I could be wrong.  Not sure I want to get too wrapped up in anything long distance with anyone new anyway.
A Luke Air Force dude approached me with a nice email from one of my dating sites.  I wrote him back and then he sent me another nice email and some pics.  I returned the favor.  Then a few days later I get another email describing what he does in the AF along with other answers to my questions.  He just moved here and only been stationed here two months.  Even better.  I emailed him back today and gave him my phone number.  About an hour later he called me.  That was a nice surprise.  It was a really nice and normal conversation.  It was honest to god very nice.  He was down to earth, funny, normal and very genuine.  He just got divorced and his daughter is living with him.  He and the ex are still very good friends and the break up was amicable.  So that is nice to hear too.  At one point he asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was a BBW stripper.  He was like, “Wow now that’s kind of interesting and very cool.”  I could hear the excitement in his voice and then I burst out laughing saying that I was only kidding.  Then we both laughed quite a bit.  I like to shock men every now and again.  🙂  We talked till his daughter got home from school and he said he would like to call me again later and asked if that was ok?  I told him I would like that.  I liked that he asked too, that was really nice.  He had a nice dry sense of humor and is definitely and interesting guy.  So we’ll see if that goes any further or not.
Now here is one that is interesting….  A few nights ago a guy I used to work with at MCI got in contact with me.  We’ve stayed in touch over the years on email and chat once in a blue moon.  We have always gotten along really really great.  There’s been some innocent flirting but nothing out of line.  Just a lot of smiling and laughing when I used to drop by his cubicle at the office.  I loved all those IT cuties – heh.  Hey, you gotta flirt with those guys because then when your laptop acts up, they take care of you.  *wink*  But I digress…
He dropped me an email a few weeks back.  We didn’t say too much, just a few quick lines.  He said he was on his own now and would give me a call.  So the other night he gives me a call and we had a really good convo laughing and just talking about this and that.  He told me he and his wife have been separated for a year and a half now and was surprised to find himself happier, I think he expected the break up to be more sad than happy which is understandable.  Then he drops the bomb on me and tells me that he has thought about me a lot and wanted to get in touch many times and all this and that.  How much he has always liked me and such.  I always had a feeling he had the hots for me but I never went there.  I always kept it platonic and just friendly even though I had an attraction for him too.  Even though I kind of knew this in the back of my mind, it still kind of blew me away hearing all this.  He was going on saying he would like to date me and so on.  My mind was going a mile a minute with thoughts and feelings for a moment or two. 
But then I regained control and told him that I won’t date him until he is single.  Even though he has been separated for a year and a half, technically he is still married.  He said something along the lines of how he put it off for tax reasons but that yeah, he should file now.  A year and a half is enough time to see we’re better apart than together.  I went on to tell him I was serious because I’m not going to go there if he is married.  Separated or not. 
He asked if I was dating and told him yes.  I told him of a few interests that seem appealing.  That I’m basically on a dating spree and not waiting for anyone.  The first one who treats me like I’m suppose to be treated and valued and who gets my heart first, wins.  He was like, “Wow.”  I couldn’t help but burst into laughter after he said that.  The way he said it cracked me up especially knowing how I must have sounded with my little speech.  He started laughing too and said, “Well shit, I guess I better get my ass in gear before the lawyer or the Luke Air Force guys get you and marry you.”  We laughed some more.  I even kidded and said I was thinking of moving to Alaska since there was a high man ratio there.  I wasn’t fucking around.  He was like “NOOOOOOOO don’t move!”  and I laughed some more.  I said, “Well you better hurry then, because I’m not going to be a wall flower.  Sorry.”   
If he did in fact put things into action and became divorced, I would totally date him and I get the feeling it would go very well between us.  But I’m not holding my breath because I notice men seem to drag their feet and talk a lot of crap.  Actions speak louder than words.  So until then, I’m still moving and grooving and not waiting around.
I have no idea what the future holds.  I may still date or I may take breaks.  I may meet someone one to three years from now or it might be mere months.  Or I may stay single.  I have no idea.  One thing I do know, is I’m not playing games.  I also won’t settle for something for the sake of settling.  I’d rather stay single and happy than married and miserable.  If I happen to meet someone man enough to take me on and can prove it, then that will be my partner in crime enjoying life with me. 

4 Responses to “A Day In the Life of Dating A Martini Girl”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Kinda like “Skippy” after Miranda met him…that was also one of the frist two episodes.

    I think you’re luminous – too funny!

    Man, I miss those beginning eps!

  2. Cindy Says:

    Oh, and I was reading something on the web earlier that apparently women are more “picky” when dating. hmm. 🙂

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    lol “luminous” lol What’s funny is a few seasons down the road she saw him again and got all hot. “Have you been working out?” As he was running away. lol

    I admit I’m picky. I always have been. It makes me think of that really great movie “Made in Heaven” where Kelly McGillis’s character goes on a date after her marriage ended and even though the guy was nice and funny and all that, she didn’t dig him. He tried to kiss her at the end of the night and she pulled away. She felt bad and apologized and he said, “It’s ok. It’s good to know what you want Allie, ‘casue you might just get it.”

    Man, I forgot all about that movie! It’s one of my all time favorite love story films. I can’t believe I don’t own it! Very very unique where they meet in heaven but then they have to find each other on earth by the time he’s 30 otherwise they will both marry other people and have miserable lives. Lots of coincidences, things about fate… I love that stuff. I love Timothy Hutton too!!!!

    The trailer to it seems goofy and cheesy as hell – very unlike how the movie is. The movie is awesome. Even people in the comments of it agree.

  4. Liz Says:

    You seem to be in high demand which is not surprising. Keep us informed.

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