I Don’t Care If He Makes Beautiful Art

This whole Roman Polanski thing is such a joke.  Not the fact that he finally got caught but all these Hollywood actors and such defending him.  Making up a petition for his release and much, much worse… trying to say it wasn’t rape.  Spinning it so hard as they are trying to convince themselves it wasn’t rape. 
Really?  So drugging a 13 year old girl, taking nude photos of her and having sex with her (including sodomy) AGAINST HER WILL is not rape?  Doesn’t no mean no?  And even if she didn’t say no it would STILL be rape because the girl was drugged.  Plus she was THIRTEEN years old!  Children are taught to obey adults and even worse, they are powerless against them. 
I don’t give a rats ass if the case is 100 years old.  You commit a crime then you need to pay for it.  End of story.  Him fleeing the country and living abroad all these years to escape his punishment just goes to show you what a low life this guy is on top of what he did.
But they all want to go on saying this guy is a brilliant film maker yadda yadda yadda and it wasn’t “rape-rape.”  So Whoopie…. you are telling me that if Stephen Spielberg did this to your 13 year old daughter you’d be totally cool with that?  Then Deborah Winger (someone who I really liked in movies) is also defending this dirtbag.  What is even more rich is that both Deborah Winger and Whoopie Goldberg are part of an organization for being against violence against women.  Oh… but because it’s Roman Polanski raping a 13 year old girl, that doesn’t really count.
These are the same brain children who are telling us how to vote.  What’s next?  Michael Moore doing a piece of crap film with all his spin on this convincing morons who believe Michael Moore films that it wasn’t rape?
If someone did this to my child I’d waste them.

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