What Prompts People to Purposely Be An Asshole?

I get an email on one of my dating sites.  The subject line was “hmmmmmmmmm…..”  and in the body of his email was this:
“slow down on the dougnuts girlfriend………” 
And then it had a couple of animated smilies that were rolling over in laughter and clapping.
Yes out of the blue I just get this.  What prompts a 58 year old man mind you, to purposely go out of his way to be a cruel asshole?  Yes I know I’m not the Barbie figure I once was and I’m totally honest in my profile about my size and current pictures.  I know that people have different tastes and I know a woman like me may not be everyone’s cup of tea but must you go out of your way to be a complete fucking asshole?  If I’m not your style then hit the back button.  He wasn’t exactly what I would call a prize either.  Yes, I know I shouldn’t take it personally but I realllllly don’t need shit like this right now.
**UPDATE:  I sent him an email back basically saying the same thing I just said above and he responds with a “cyber gift” attached to his note saying this:
“It was not ment to hurt you. I was just cutting up. Please forgive me…I think your a preety cool person and im sorry. “
Sure buddy.  Just cutting up, yeah right.  Telling a woman you have never met nor corresponded with to lay off the dougnuts with rolling over laughter.  Gee, what a nice way of saying that I’m pretty cool person.  Something like just woos a woman like crazy.  Fucking asshole. 
I immediately deleted this email without responding and blocked his profile.

3 Responses to “What Prompts People to Purposely Be An Asshole?”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Could have been drunk emailing and then realized too late what a douche he was. And 58 years old? C R E E P Y

    I don’t know if you saw my post or not but I had a poll that was related to this. I was arguing with a girl who was convinced men only like skinny minnys and I said most guys want women with meat on their bones. As long as they maintain a curvy, feminine figure, they’ll always be more alluring than the stick figures. Ann Coulter is pretty, but half the time I have an overwhelming urge to cram a Double Whopper down her throat. F*$&%ing eat something woman.

    Personally I think guys who like stick women are gay, and so does a dude friend of mine. I mean there’s like nothing to hold on to there, and I’d get this gay vibe that I wasn’t really holding a girlie girl but some 2 x 4 board man beast who just happened to have a vagina. PASS

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Yes I’m figuring he was drunk. Geez even still. What a jackhole to go out of his way like that. And yes…. 58 and creepy. He had all gray hair – not that I have a problem with gray hair but it was long gray hair like he was still some 17 year old rocker dude or something and wearing a tank top in his photo. So yeah…. ewwwwww. You’d be surprised at how many 50 somethings email me along with 20 somethings. Weird.

    heh heh I always think that about Anne Coulter too.

    There are quite a bit of men out there that feel the same way you do about women with a little meat on their bones. And I love you all. 😉

  3. Lincoln Says:

    LOL, I sure do seem to have a lot of female fans who are a bit older than me on this end. They’re the ones that still remember how to appreciate a true gentleman when they *BURP* excuse me, see one. 😀

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