Have A Spooktacular Night

Hope all of you have a fun and safe Halloween evening.  I won’t be handing out candy this year as I will be scooting off to a party.  I may even drop in at a hole in the wall bar that I have been going to afterwards.  Just depends on the how good or bad the party is and my mood.

Kiss of Death

I went on my date with the traveler some nights ago.  Very nice guy.  Seemed very sweet and a gentleman.  Our date was going well for the most part.  Nice food, drinks, we watched the Cardinals game and they won???  Wow.  He was very attracted to me and told me so.  It was very very hard to hear him throughout the date.  Very soft spoken guy.  I was kind of on the fence with him.  I was sitting there deciding during drinks and the game I would probably go out with him again. 
That is until the kiss.  Blech.  When I was in mid sentence he dove in hard and fast.  His jammed his big tongue in my mouth, like all of my mouth.  No half way mark.  No massaging of the tongues.  Just a big fat tongue looking to go down my throat.  Hard and aggressive.  His goatee/moustache were poking and scratching me under my nose and all around my mouth.  Ouch!  Yeah, this is another reason why I HATE facial hair on men.  Sorry to say but the kiss just grossed me out.  Maybe he was nervous or had one too many beers or something but man.  The first kiss should be gentle boys.  Gentle.  Mouths slightly parted, tongues gently massaging each other then graduating to other things like gently biting or sucking or glossing your tongue lightly on the lips and so on.  Take the time.  Experiment.
The next day he called and left a message.  I didn’t return the call.  If he calls again I’ll just tell him I don’t think we are compatible, which is true.  I hate to say it but that kiss grossed me out.

My Friend

A few evenings ago just after I got home from work and was confirming plans to go out that night with A, my other line beeped.  I looked at the caller ID and saw the area code for El Paso, TX.  I told A I’d call her back and should take the call.  I figured maybe it was my friend Donna that lived there.  Instead it was a man’s voice asking my first name and I said yes.  Then he asked if it was me by my full name and I said yes.  It was Donna’s father.  When he said who he was, I knew.  I already knew before he told me the reason for his call because I hadn’t talked or seen her dad since I was a teenager in Hawaii.  So why else would he have gotten a hold of me?  My stomach sank.  I knew she was dead.  Donna committed suicide. 

So Much To Tell Yet So Drained

Just what the title says.  I have so much to blog about.  But I have been so busy and tired.  I feel so drained.  I think it’s the stress of work and dating and money and a death and my friends and so on.  I’m exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open as I type this.  I also noticed my appetite is way up.  When the weather turns cooler I will notice that happens but I seem just down right ravenous lately.  Maybe the stress I don’t know.  Stuff coming soon as soon as I have energy.  Going to sleep now, if I can make it to my bed.

The Days of my Youth Came Back

I had a really, really cool night!  Met a cool new girlfriend and a cute guy.
So I decided to go back to that bar right outside the base again tonight.  I thought I would check it out on a Friday night.  I really wasn’t expecting too much actually because it’s really just kind of a low key but fun place.  It’s wasn’t crowded at all and the music isn’t too loud.  I’m so glad I went.  I walked right in, got some money from the ATM and ordered a drink and then sat next to another lady at the bar.  Her name is Audra.

Revenge Is A Meal Best Served Cold

Yeah, I totally put the sex bait out there for Maverick and he chomped on that fishing line big time.  His IM’s are a hell of lot more attentive now.  Totally right there answering me and asking tons of questions.  Totally aroused.  We are planning a date tonight where he thinks he’s going to get lucky.  We were chatting about it this morning and he got all hot and bothered.  Part of my plan was to start early in the morning so that he could think about it all day long.  Yes, I know exactly what I’m doing.  Now he just called me a little after 10pm and is on his way to a bar not to far from me on my side of town to meet me.  Or so he thinks.

Some Dating Updates That Amuse Me

Well the 26 year old from that meet up group has been emailing me and we did chat a bit on Yahoo.  He was behaving himself.  Call me shocked as hell.  I usually don’t mess with 20 something’s at all.  They are usually full of crap and I’m sure this guy is too.  I’m sure it’s all about sex for him.  He was in-between cell phones and getting a new one on Friday and says he’ll call me to set up a date.  He says he is going to take me out and teach me some golf.  Of course I like that because that is something different for once.  But… on the other hand, I’m not getting my hopes up at all.  I highly doubt I’m going to have anything in common with this guy.  I doubt he is looking for a long term relationship and out for one thing.  I chuckle at myself for even talking to him.  IF he even follows through with calling me and setting up a date then at least it will be an interesting day.  If not, no big loss here.  We’ll call him young punk.  For some reason I doubt he’ll follow through.  The 20 something’s always flake out on things because they are still scaredy cats.