New Moon Book Review – Part 2 of 3

newmoonDamn, I keep taking forever to post this stuff!
So….. wow!  Ok, I have to admit I’m seriously liking the 2nd book.  It’s much more of a page turner.  I’m surprised by that because Edward is hardly in it.  No passionate love story going on.  Only heartache of missing him by Bella and trying to survive as she turns to another dude.  Edward is still there though… I know good and well that is far from over.
Well Bella has gotten better little by little and no longer a zombie.  She also got much better on her motorcycle and so the voice of Edward has faded on that when she rides – she must think of something new and foolish to do to get his voice back.
Mike and Jacob are both still ga-ga over Bella.  She has grown extremely close to Jacob.  She thinks of him as her best friend and can tell him most anything.  She feels safe with him and it’s obvious she is attracted to him.  She even loves him but is not IN love with him.  She struggles with this because she knows how much he cares about her and wants the total romance with her.  Wants to take care of her and protect her and love her.  She tries to tell him, he does get it and doesn’t seem to care and goes on feeling the way he does for her.  But she’s sure she hasn’t made it clear enough, yet at the same time doesn’t correct it.  Hmmm… probably not a good thing Bells.  She knows this too.  She feels selfish about it.  She feels she needs him to get over Edward or at least filling the hole she feels.
Soon Jacob acts weird.  He seems sick and she doesn’t hear from him in weeks.  She goes on to understand that he has been taken into Sams cult and frustrated, worried and missing him.
Then she finally finds that beautiful meadow that Edward showed her in the first book.  She had been searching for it and when she finally found it she felt pretty empty and sad.  Suddenly blood sucker Laurent appears.  Ooooo one of the vamps that was in James’ clan (James – the one who attacked her but was killed by Edward in the first book).  Laurent was taunting her a bit about Edward leaving her.  He also said that Victoria (James’ mate) was out to get Bella – to do terrible things to her for payback.  She figured she wouldn’t kill Edward but rather his mate.  Mate for mate.  Laurent taunted a bit more as he was getting ready to have Bella for a meal.  She hears Edwards voice and he tells her to lie as Laurent is asking her questions.  She can also hear him growling as Laurent mentions certain things.  Suddenly Laurent gets really scared and backs away.  Coming from behind Bella were a pack of wolves.  HUGE out of the ordinary wolves.  She understands this must be the “bear” people think they are seeing.  The wolves chased after the bloodsucker in the woods and Bella flees home.
Later she demands to see Jacob and plants herself in front of his house.  He finally confronts her and is angry and not himself.  His body seems huge.  He continues to lose his temper and she hears Edward’s voice again, telling her not to push Jacob and not get him upset.  Some time later she realizes that Jake is a werewolf – something that turned out to not be a myth after all with his people.  Bad temper/anger is what changes them.  Sam and the others were too (based on it being passed down from their relatives).  Basically the vamps are the enemy of them.  They hunt and kill vamps.  They killed Laurent but they know about Victoria and she is wandering about and looking for Bella in the area.  They haven’t been successful in getting her.
So as the wolf pack continue to patrol Jake had promised Bella that jump off of the cliffs she wanted to do a while back.  Turned out he had to go and patrol so she waited for him at the beach.  Then she gets it into her head to go to the highest cliff and jump anyway, not paying attention to the stormy sea.  She wanted to hear the voice again and she did.  It was angry and telling her to stop.  She jumped anyway and the water crashed and pulled her.  She was pretty much drowning.  She woke up to feel and hear Jacob saving her life and pumping water out of her lungs.
The end of the chapter leaves a bit of a hanger as Bella sees Carlisle’s (Ed’s vamp dad) car parked in front of her house knowing that one of the Cullen’s was inside waiting for her.
I’ll probably post the final review pretty quickly as I am now flying through the book.  Good grief, now I’ll have to get the 3rd book right away!

7 Responses to “New Moon Book Review – Part 2 of 3”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Oh girl! I haven’t been re-reading that far. I completely forgot and got lost in another book. I’ll catch up soon!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    For shame! lol

  3. Liz Says:

    Did you get my email? I’m coming back to Phoenix for a few days at the end of October. Do you want to go out for Halloween? Get a sexy costume gurly!

  4. Liz Says:

    Where are you girl?

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    I’m here. Sorry, was staying off line for a bit and focusing more on real life. Trying to keep myself interesting. heh. Yes got your email and that’s awesome you are coming!

    Going out on Halloween would be fun. What did you have in mind? One of my married friends might have a party and if she does, she wants me to help. Everyone loves to borrow me for that since I have mad party planning skills ha! I’m good at themes, decorating and all that.

    I’ll definitely be getting a fun costume. In fact just ordered it. Sexy Mobster Moll. Rawr! I usually just do my traditional sexy witch but wanted to go a bit different this year and something a little more sexy.

    Wow, I guess I should have just answered your email instead of comment. heh.

  6. Liz Says:

    You had me worried for a moment there. The costume sounds awesome! What does it look like? I’m game for your friends party. I know of a few other parties too just in case you want to go to those or we can just be social butterflies and party hop!

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    Nah I’m good.

    I’ll post a link to the costume soon.

    My friend is def going to have the party so I do want to go to that one for sure. I wouldn’t mind party hopping depending on how I feel that night. They are not huge ones are they? I tend to like the “small circle of friends” types of parties better than those really big loud and crowded ones if you know what I mean.

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