I’ll Look Better Than Dillinger

My costume this year will be a cute Gangster girl outfit.  This is the costume I ordered online and it just arrived and it fits nicely.  Isn’t it cute?  Yes, in case you didn’t know, I am a plus sized cutie.  Here’s the stick figure version.
I’m getting black pantyhose though and just dig the too kewl shoes I got to go with the outfit. 
Of course I got a white machine gun and black fedora hat that looks pretty darn cool.  I think I’ll have my nails done in slut red nail color.  Top it off with matching red lipstick and with my dark vixen hair, I’ll be the toast of the party!  heh heh.
And just because I’m in a fun girly gangster mood, here’s a great little song Madonna did for the Dick Tracy movie.  You put me back…. back in the biznesssss…….

12 Responses to “I’ll Look Better Than Dillinger”

  1. Lincoln Says:

    Wow. O_O

    You could definitely make me an offer I’d never forget.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Ahh yes, the offer you can’t refuse…. oh wait… Aren’t you in law enforcement? Johnny Law? The Po-Po? Man in blue? Hmmm…. will you bust me? Frisk me? Put me in cuffs?

  3. Lincoln Says:

    Well I may have to strip search you to search for “contraband.” It’s standard operating procedure you see, for your safety and mine.


  4. Martini Girl Says:

    Well you know with us bad mafia girls, we always keep some things hidden so I can see why a search is necessary. I’m a slick tricky one who would try to get away though so you’ll have to be aggressive. 🙂

  5. Lincoln Says:


    Christmas definitely came early this year.

  6. Martini Girl Says:

    Mmm… yes. Yes it has.

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    Do you have Yahoo IM Linc? I’ll email ya.

  8. Barbi Says:

    ummmm dont IM. Im waiting patiently to see where this goes….

  9. Martini Girl Says:

    Too late. Linc and I already chatted for a few hours. lol

  10. Tracy Says:

    You may know about this website already because you love to host theme parties, but I just learned about it this morning and thought of you so I wanted to pass it along: http://www.plumparty.com/

    Besides selling supplies, they have a blog for tips, ideas, etc. If I could afford it, I would so be buying lots of stuff from there!

  11. Liz Says:

    Girl that costume is going to look hot on you! I love those shoes. Look at all this sexy flirting it started already and you haven’t even put it on yet. lol

  12. Martini Girl Says:

    Thanks for the link. Maybe one of these days I’ll start my own party planning business! That will have to wait a few years when the economy is better though.

    Well thanks! Aren’t those shoes too cute?

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