Damn Me!

The other day the front end of the store got very backed up on the registers.  I was working in the back office and heard them on the radio asking certain departments to help out.  I took it upon myself to go up as well and help out.   I actually still like to cashier sometimes – helps to break up my routine and then I get some customer interaction.  Nice unless you get the douche bags.  har.
This was on Friday and every Friday of this month we get to wear pink shirts and jeans for $2.  This is to raise money for breast cancer.  So anyway I was looking especially cute in my purdy pink shirt, pink lipstick, blue jeans, my hair up in a cute messy pony tail and not to mention my award winning smile! 
A mighty fine 40 something came through my line. 
He was all super friendly and flirty and smiley.  I gave it all right back.  I did notice his left hand was ring free..  He was very handsome and in shape.  Distinguished I think is the best word for him.  During his teasing and flirting he said, “I’m just harassing you” with a big smile.  I said back, “You are not allowed to harass me unless you marry me.”  Yep, I can’t believe I said that either but lately, I find myself being bold.  The down side is I don’t think he heard me, I said it kind of low so my CSM wouldn’t hear.  Too bad too, I would have love to have seen his reaction on that.
He kept right on flirting more though.  As he was leaving he said, “I may just come back some time and get in your line to harass you again.”  I smiled and told him that if he was lucky because I only cash once in awhile.  He flashed a nice smile, had some great eye contact and called me by my name when he said thank you and he left.  Then I kicked myself.  Why didn’t I give him my number?  Why didn’t I ask him to take me on a date?  Damn Damn Damn!  I am just not a quick thinker.  I didn’t think of any of this until he was way down by the door.  Now that I even think about that, I should have left my register and ran after him and gave it to him.
Hope I see him again because you know what, I WILL be giving him those digits.

2 Responses to “Damn Me!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Fun! Yes, hindsight is 20-20. I believe he’ll be back! And soon!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Yeah but I don’t cash every day anymore. 😦

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