Crash and Burn?

Went on a date with Maverick the other night.  We had to reschedule due to his son getting sick some nights before.  All was good.  We went to my favorite bar/restaurant.  We shared a gigantor plate of nachos.  I had a few pomegranate martinis (delish) and he had a few beers.  I like the Yard House because they always have great food, great drinks, great music, a great atmosphere and great service.
Anyway, I have to say he looked much more handsome in person.  He said that I was very pretty and relieved that I looked just like my pictures.  *Note:  that must be more common than I thought, that people use really, really old pictures of themselves on their profiles because I seem to get a lot of “relief” from dates when they see me in person.*
The date lasted about 3 and half hours and we had a good time.  We talked just your regular conversation type stuff.  Nothing too light, nothing too deep.  Just getting to know each other.  Some flirting, some smiling, some teasing.  Every time I would pull his leg about something or just get a bit cocky he would smile and call me a brat.  For some reason I liked that and I’d laugh.
He was a gentleman.  Opening doors for me, holding out my chair and walking me out to my car.  While there he said he’d like to get to know me more.  I told him I would like that and to call me.  Then we kissed.  Not sure what he slipped in his mouth when I wasn’t looking but he tasted of peaches.  🙂 
It was good.  I had a good time.  It was honestly the first date in a really long time that I enjoyed being on.  I like the guy and I’m attracted to him.  I’d like to get to know him more.
The problem?  Not sure if he feels the same.  Even though it seemed like he was having a good time and said he was interested and did kiss me…. I don’t know, it always seems like if I really like the guy, he doesn’t feel the same and I don’t hear from them again.  Or the other way around, the guy will be really into me but I don’t like him.  Always seems to work that way doesn’t it?
I left him an away message today thanking him and saying I had a nice time.  Haven’t heard anything.  Unusual since before the date he was IMing me or calling me every day.  Hmmm…. so…. that’s just another tip off that I’m right.  Maybe he thinks I’m a bad kisser.  lol  Who knows though.  I could just be over analyzing.  We’ll see.

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