The Good Ole Days

One thing about Facebook, people post pics of you and bring up your past!  Here is a Polaroid of myself (left), Kathy (middle) and Michelle (right) back in like 1992 here in Phoenix.  John was there too but not pictured.  We all worked at MCI.  I’m still in touch with both women and Michelle is the one throwing the Halloween party I’m going to.
Um…. wow.  We all look so young and I look so THIN!  I have some weird pony tail thing going on at the top of my head.  lol  Pebbles Flintstone!  I actually have the other Polaroid that was also taken where I think I look nicer in, but I don’t have a scanner to scan it.
This was at one of the coolest bars I have ever been to called “Lil’ Ditty’s” in Phoenix.  It was this huge bar with two pianos facing each other in the middle.  Two guys would do songs and jokes and stories and make people do things…. it was soooooooooo funny, entertaining and just seriously fun and different.  These guys were actually very, very good.  They would take breaks during some of the zany comedy and do some serious music.  All the zillions of tables that surrounded the pianos were always full.  Sadly the place no longer exists but I have heard they opened up some copy cat version somewhere here.
I remember this night well because I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was going through some serious heartbreak.  Michelle convinced me to go out for a night with the girls and have fun.  I was glad I did because I forgot my ex and had the best time.  We drank ta-kill-ya shots all freaking night long and we all got pretty damn hammered.  John, kept buying them for us one after the other after the other after the other.  Man….

2 Responses to “The Good Ole Days”

  1. Liz Says:

    Hotness. You still look the same. You are aging well like a fine wine.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    So are you! Thanks chicky.

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