Can The Obama Administration Just Focus On Doing Their Job Already?

So it was the pushing of the withdrawal from Iraq = fail.
Then it was the closing of Gitmo = fail.
Then Biden says their stimulus package is working – oh really?  Unemployment and foreclosures go up = fail.
Then it’s the pushing of this crap ass medical = fail.
Then it was getting on EVERY morning show to push it some more = fail.
Then it was trying for a tactic to distract and get the Olympics = fail.
Now all they are doing is publicly slamming Fox News, the only network that shows everything and doesn’t hide shit.  The White House seems to be on this Fox News witch hunt lately.  Hmmm… why is that exactly?  Because they report every side instead of just one side?  Because Obama’s numbers are in the toilet in his first year and they need to continue to try and brainwash the people? 
What is rich is that they say Fox doesn’t report the news or not newsworthy and other news programming should not follow their lead.  Oh really?  So remember that SNL skit done on Obama not accomplishing anything?  It was the first real slamming skit by SNL and personally I thought it was spot on.  Obviously they see the honeymoon as over for Barry.
So what does CNN do?  They actually do a freaking story on it analyzing it!  “Fact Checking” I think they called it.  A freaking SNL skit for god sakes.  You are telling me that this is newsworthy instead of what Fox News reports?  Really?  I like how that assclown at the end of the piece says it’s not a fair portrayal of the president.  Pft.  And all the skits on Palin and Bush and McCain were?  Funny, I didn’t see CNN “fact checking” those skits.
So once again Fox News is the ONLY one who is slanted right?  What is worse is that the White House is focusing on this.  It’s like all they care about is the chosen one’s image and how we must all think he is perfect.  They spend all of their time trying to distract the American public on what is really going on.  How about taking that energy and just doing your jobs?  You know, what you are suppose to be doing and helping the country.  Pussy crybabies.
Don’t follow Fox News lead eh?  Hmmm…. well gee, why wouldn’t the other cable news networks want to be the number cable news channel with number one cable news shows?  Sorry Charlie but ratings don’t lie.  People are watching Fox because they are tired of the bullshit.  When liberals challenge things they call it healthy debate and good.  When we do it to them they call it racist and not newsworthy.

2 Responses to “Can The Obama Administration Just Focus On Doing Their Job Already?”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I’m not sure it’s fair comparing Obama to Hitler. At least Hitler landed the Olympics.

  2. Cindy Says:

    Yeah, at least you only have to read it, I’ve HEARD it several times already…

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