Some Dating Updates That Amuse Me

Well the 26 year old from that meet up group has been emailing me and we did chat a bit on Yahoo.  He was behaving himself.  Call me shocked as hell.  I usually don’t mess with 20 something’s at all.  They are usually full of crap and I’m sure this guy is too.  I’m sure it’s all about sex for him.  He was in-between cell phones and getting a new one on Friday and says he’ll call me to set up a date.  He says he is going to take me out and teach me some golf.  Of course I like that because that is something different for once.  But… on the other hand, I’m not getting my hopes up at all.  I highly doubt I’m going to have anything in common with this guy.  I doubt he is looking for a long term relationship and out for one thing.  I chuckle at myself for even talking to him.  IF he even follows through with calling me and setting up a date then at least it will be an interesting day.  If not, no big loss here.  We’ll call him young punk.  For some reason I doubt he’ll follow through.  The 20 something’s always flake out on things because they are still scaredy cats.
Another guy in his early 40’s emailed back and forth with me from one of my dating profiles.  He was very nice.  He actually read the profile and had some very nice things to say.  He’s kind cute and looks younger for his age.  We talked on the phone for long while tonight.  At first there were some awkward silences but as the conversation moved on he seemed a lot more comfortable and then everything was good.  We laughed some and he seems pretty darn decent.  He was a total gentleman and seemed interested in getting to know me.  He says he’ll call again tomorrow.  We’ll see if he follows through and turns out to be anything.  We’ll call him Traveler.
Another dude in his 40’s emailed with me back and forth a bit.  Another one who seemed pretty decent.  I gave him my number and he called me a few nights ago.  Um…. where do I begin?  This guy would not shut the fuck up.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…. Hey what kind of food do you like?  *when I start to answer he cuts me off*  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah (for 10 min)  Hey, so what do you do for a living?  *I start to answer and he cuts me off*  Blah, blah, me, me, me, blah, blah, me, me, blah, blah…  Yeah, that’s how it went.  The guy would ask me a question after 10 min. of talking and I would barely get two sentences out and he would cut me off and begin to take half my answer and turn it around on how it pertains to him for another 10 min.  I finally was able to spit out a question and ask what he did for a living.  Sales.  Mmmm hmmm, thought so.  I mean he seemed nice and outgoing but Jeezus.  But… I told myself not to be so judgmental because people get nervous talking to someone for the first time.  So I give him a break and let the call continue and figured I would give him a chance on a date if he asks.
So this guy suddenly asks me, “Hey do you want to meet for a drink?”  I’m like, “Right now?”  He’s like yeah!  Ummm… It’s 8pm on a Sat night and everything is going to be like a 2 hour wait.  Not to mention he’s asking me on the fly to go out right now?  I don’t dig that.  I told him no I was just settling in for the night and I don’t like last min. invites.  If he wants to take me out he needs to plan something and call me with notice.  He said he understood and then was trying to think of a day and what to do.  I started to tell him, why don’t you call me on Monday with a plan….*cuts me off and starts rambling*  I then cut HIM off and said, “Let me finish please.”  and he did.  I finished my statement of telling him to call me on Monday with a plan of when, where, what time, etc. and we can go from there.  He said sure ok, I’ll do that.  Well… the dude never called.  Of course I wasn’t crying any tears over this because wow, shut up!  In fact I forgot he was even suppose to call me until I get an email from the dating site today from him saying this:
“I suppose on the level, I must be a half bubble off… Are you not interested? How did I loose this?
Hey, nice new pics!
But seriously, I don’t want to follow somebody that doesn’t want me around.
If so, No hard feelings, though.
If I call you tomorrow, will you hang up on me?”
Um…..*scratches head*  What??  Can you say ADD?  Or is it Alzheimer’s?  What the hell is a half bubble off?  How did he lose what?  I told the dumb ass to call me.  Will I hang up on him?  Wow, talk about insecure.  I mean at least fake it that you have some confidence.  Fail.  We’ll call him Pie Hole.  Yeah, I think I’ll be emailing him a big no thank you now.  Yikes.  Run Away!  Run Away!
Then we have Maverick.  Yeah remember him and the great date I had?  The dude turned into a cold fish after our date.  Stopped IMing me and calling me immediately.  In a nutshell I asked what gives?  I said it was cool if he didn’t think we were compatible (though everything on the date seemed otherwise) and he could just tell me that but he gave me some song and dance bull story about he thought he was ready to date but was wrong and he can’t commit right now, blah, blah, blah.  I said, “That’s funny, no where in our conversation did anything like commitment or long term relationship come up.  I thought we were just two people on a date.”  He basically back pedaled and just gave me more bull.  So I basically just say bye.
Now lately he’s leaving me little IM’s of “hello” and “hi” and “Hey!  What’s up?”  This puzzled me of course.  What’s worse is I think this guy is either nuts or playing some kind of game with me.  Because when I answer him, then he’ll sort of ignore me for like 15 min and then come back with an answer to my answer.  Then he’ll do it again.  Like he is baiting me to see if I’m there or if I’ll answer him and then he’s still not interested.  ????  I mean if you are not interested in me then leave me alone!  What’s with these games?  Yeah, I won’t be falling for that crap again.  Tonight I finally said after his “Hi!!  What are you up to?”  with this statement, “Gotta run.  Jumping in the shower and going out.”  And it was 10pm.  heh heh.  I should mess with this jerk.  I should start leaving sexual messages on IM and bait him.  Then when he takes the bait, which I know he will and tell him to meet me at such and such and then stand his ass up.  Hmmm….  I’m seriously considering it.  I’ll keep you posted.  People need to stop fucking with me because I’m going to start fucking them back.
This Friday I think I’ll go to that cool little bar I went to outside the base.  When I went the other night it was pretty dead because everyone was at the U2 concert at Westgate.  I forgot they were even in town.  But I did chat quite a bit with the cool female bar tender.  She was a riot.  The bar is actually really cool.  I was surprised because when you drive by it looks like a dive.  But actually spacious and really nice.  I about shit when I saw how cheap the drinks were!  I had two Tequila Sunrises that were good size and were NOT watered down.  I had to babysit those drinks slowly.  The bill was $7.  Awesome.  A few guys came in and we all chatted.  Pretty soon one of them was chatting with me.  He was a total cutie too.  He said he was 35 but damn he looked really young like 22!  He said he gets that a lot.  He guessed I was 33.  LOL.  But I figure Friday night will be a little more jumping and more things on the menu.  😉

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