The Days of my Youth Came Back

I had a really, really cool night!  Met a cool new girlfriend and a cute guy.
So I decided to go back to that bar right outside the base again tonight.  I thought I would check it out on a Friday night.  I really wasn’t expecting too much actually because it’s really just kind of a low key but fun place.  It’s wasn’t crowded at all and the music isn’t too loud.  I’m so glad I went.  I walked right in, got some money from the ATM and ordered a drink and then sat next to another lady at the bar.  Her name is Audra.
It wasn’t long before she started talking to me and her and I got to some friendly conversation.  She’s single, in her mid 30’s and moved out here from Iowa about 9 months ago.  She said she liked coming to this bar and as we got to know each other she right away asked for my phone number and said we should go out.  I loved it.  She is very friendly, sweet and funny.  Very pretty lady too.  We hit it off.  
Some guy was kind of hanging around her a bit and she introduced us.  Then another dude came along and was smiling at me and we all introduced each other.  Now this guy we’ll call… hmmm… trying to think of a nick name…. I guess I’ll just call him Oregon since that’s where he’s originally from.  He drifted away and so did the other guy.  Audra and I talked some more then she went to the ladies room.  Oregon saw his chance and moseyed over to me.  He was asking me if I was having a good time and I smiled and said yes.  He said, I seemed a little too calm or something and that I need to loosen up.  He said it in a totally nice way though.  I smiled and said that I was a calm, cool and collected kind of chick.  He said, “In public right?”  I smiled and said, “yep.”  We laughed.  He said that he noticed me right away when I walked into the bar and then said, “I have to say, wow.  You are really beautiful.”  I thanked him.  He wandered away again and I thought that was pretty slick and cool that he knew when to approach and when not linger or hover too long.  Interesting.
My lady friend came back and we had a 2nd drink and talked some more and then she says she thinks she wants to go to some country bar not far from this place so I decided to go with her.  Then Oregon comes back and the three of us laugh and joke and then he asks where we were going.  We tell him and he’s like you can’t leave and all that so my new friend says, “Well let’s go if you think you can hang with us!”  He took the challenge.  He rode with me in my car as I followed her.  We went to this country bar with a live band and it was actually kind of cool.  Oregon bought us drinks.  He also forced me to slow dance.  Wow, I honestly cannot remember the last time I slow danced with a guy.  He told me again how gorgeous I was.  He didn’t believe me when I told him I was 40 (he’s mid 30’s, 34 I think?).  He asked if I dated younger guys.  I said yes.
Later when I had a moment alone with Audra I told her this was pretty wild that within minutes of going to the bar I meet a cute guy who tagged along with us to hang out, who is buying me drinks and all smitten.  She said, “Stick with me girl, I’ll have you married off in no time.”  I laughed.  She said that a few times to me tonight and I just kept laughing.  She grew up in the military like me.  It was funny too because she made a funny comment about not dating black men (she’s black herself) and only dates white guys.  I’m honestly surprised she doesn’t have a boyfriend.  She is very pretty, outgoing and too funny.
Anyway, we got quickly bored with the country bar and decided on the fly after just 15 min to drive over to Westgate by the stadium to check things out.  I think it was about midnight at this point.  So we head over and went to about 3 or 4 bars.  Two of them were just too loud, crowded and too young.  Yeah, that wasn’t our cup of tea.  So we ended up at the Yard House but they had stopped serving food.  So we decided to hit the Village Inn to get one of those late night breakfast meals, you know… those after you have been out drinking meals.  I have not done this in freaking ages.  So the three of us went and ate and laughed and had the best time.  Audra was making some funny ass comments and even the night manager who was sitting a few booths away doing paperwork was laughing at our convo.  I think Audra and I were shocking Oregon a bit.  He kept shaking his head and putting his head in his hands.  He kept sitting close to me.
At one point Audra said to me that she wanted to plan a trip to Hawaii and that I should go with her.  Oregon piped up and said, “She can’t, she’s coming to Oregon with me.”  Audra asked what’s in Oregon and he said his grandmother and his uncles and aunts and other family.  It was just great banter.  Then Audra gets a phone call from some guy she has been talking to in Iraq who is getting stationed in AZ in April.  It was a riot listening to her.  Later when Oregon went to the bathroom she was cheering me on saying, “Ooo girl, he’s cute and seems to really like you.  And young… oooo you can tie his ass up and have some fun.”   I fucking was laughing soo hard.  Yes, this is what women say about you men when you walk away.  lol
After eating we said good-bye to Audra as I had to take Oregon back to his car at the 1st bar.  On the way he was asking me questions of course trying to get to know me.  He asked me if I would like to go out again with him.  I said yes.  I gave him my phone number and told him to call me and set it up.  I also told him I was already booked for Sunday night.  He tilted his head to the side and said, “Oh, so I have competition?”  and I replied with, “Yep.  You sure do.”  He was telling me I was funny and that was cool.
When I dropped him off he kissed me.  It was some very nice smooching indeed.  Then he asked as he was walking me back to my car, “Is this really your phone number?”  I laughed and said yes.  That I wouldn’t give a fake number.  If I wasn’t interested I wouldn’t give any number at all.  I think because I was teasing and messing with him all night he started to wonder if I was serious or not.  Too cute.
I had the best time.  It was seriously like the good ole days in my younger days.  Bar hopping, cocktails, music, meeting new friends and cute guys and getting something to eat in the late hours.  I met a great new single friend and a cute guy.  Even if I never hear from this guy again, it was still fun and I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t.  If I do hear from him I’m still am jaded though.  I wonder what his true motives are.  All men care about is getting laid and they will jump through many hoops to get it.  I know that sounds so bad of me, but I’m really starting to wonder if I’m ruined now.  I guess I can’t dwell on it though.  I guess I’ll find out.  I did tell him on the way to his car though, that I am expecting a gentleman.  Me laying down the law seems to weed them out.  So we’ll see.
Earlier Audra she said we should go out Saturday (er..tonight) too.  I’m wondering how freaking tired I’ll be since I have to work today!!!!  I can’t even believe I’m blogging at this freaking hour on a work night!  That girl is going to kill me!  But… the good news is I have Sunday off!  So yeah baby.  lol

2 Responses to “The Days of my Youth Came Back”

  1. Barbi Says:

    AWESOME! Though I am very jealous of my friend having a new playmate, I am very happy for you. A single gal is what you need! Hope you have a blast tonight!

  2. Cindy Says:

    You go girl!

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