Kiss of Death

I went on my date with the traveler some nights ago.  Very nice guy.  Seemed very sweet and a gentleman.  Our date was going well for the most part.  Nice food, drinks, we watched the Cardinals game and they won???  Wow.  He was very attracted to me and told me so.  It was very very hard to hear him throughout the date.  Very soft spoken guy.  I was kind of on the fence with him.  I was sitting there deciding during drinks and the game I would probably go out with him again. 
That is until the kiss.  Blech.  When I was in mid sentence he dove in hard and fast.  His jammed his big tongue in my mouth, like all of my mouth.  No half way mark.  No massaging of the tongues.  Just a big fat tongue looking to go down my throat.  Hard and aggressive.  His goatee/moustache were poking and scratching me under my nose and all around my mouth.  Ouch!  Yeah, this is another reason why I HATE facial hair on men.  Sorry to say but the kiss just grossed me out.  Maybe he was nervous or had one too many beers or something but man.  The first kiss should be gentle boys.  Gentle.  Mouths slightly parted, tongues gently massaging each other then graduating to other things like gently biting or sucking or glossing your tongue lightly on the lips and so on.  Take the time.  Experiment.
The next day he called and left a message.  I didn’t return the call.  If he calls again I’ll just tell him I don’t think we are compatible, which is true.  I hate to say it but that kiss grossed me out.

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