Save Money. Live Better. Screw Employees.

I had been anticipating the quarterly bonus that our store finally achieved this last quarter.  The amount would be about $400 to $500 dollars extra.  I was soooo looking forward to this bonus because I seriously NEED it.  Not for Christmas but just to live.  I have been employed with them for going on 8 months now and couldn’t participate in the last bonus because you had to be employed at least 6 months. 
Or so I thought.
Well…. turns out when I was talking to the personnel lady in my office today I’m NOT eligible for the bonus!!!!!  I have to be employed 6 months PRIOR to the start of the bonusing quarter!!!!!  Um…. I seriously do not, I repeat, do not recall having that little fucking important detail explained to us in orientation or any time after that whenever the talk of qualifying for bonus came up.  I’M SO PISSED OFF.
Now it’s very possible it was mentioned and maybe I had selective hearing but honest to god, I would have picked up on that.  And of course no where in our documents from day one in orientation does it mention that at all.  I’m going to ask my friend who is no longer employed there who started the same time as me and attended the orientation with me if she remembers that bs.
They might as well just say you have to be working for them a god damned year before you qualify.  This company sucks shit.  This is one of the worst companies I have worked for in pay, hours, benefits and how they work their employees.  I worked just as hard if not harder than some of these people at this store to help get them their precious profits for the last 8 months.
This company is no longer going to get one red cent from me EVER again.  I mean that.  I will bring my lunch, grocery shop somewhere else, etc.  I don’t care if I need to get a soda for my break either… I will walk across the parking lot to the new gas station and give them my money.  Never again will I give them any money.  Not one fucking penny.  Ever.

Am I Over Christmas?

I’m honestly tired and bored of Christmas.  Wow, I never in a million years thought I would say or feel that way.  It seems like that feeling has been there for a while for me and every year seems to get more and more stronger.
I don’t know what it is really.  I just seem to have burn out on it.  A year isn’t enough time to forget about the previous year to appreciate it.  I’m just tired of the same movies on TV over and over.  The same songs drilled into you from the radio stations, the stores and every other place of business you set foot in. 
I ALWAYS have my Christmas cards done and mailed out the day after Thanksgiving.  This year though, I haven’t even printed out the envelopes or even gotten Christmas stamps.  I have the cards.  They are just sitting here on the desk, mocking me. 
Another tell tale sign…. I usually put up my tree and decorations the day after Thanksgiving as well.  Yeah, not done this year.  Fail.  When ever I have thought about it and how I haven’t done it, I wonder if I should just skip it altogether this year.  I’m definitely not going to put out my outside lights this year.  I need to save on my electric bill.
The older I get the more it feels like a hassle.  Usually once I get everything done I do appreciate it.  But it’s getting harder and harder to even attempt it though.  I honestly have Christmas burn out.  How terrible of a person am I? 

Jeepers Creepers… Oh My Aching Peepers

I never knew allergies before I moved to Arizona.  Never had a one aside from the fact I have been allergic to Penicillin since birth.  The first nine years of living here, I still didn’t have allergies, but the 2nd half of my time here so far, I’ve been getting them.  It started out small and once in awhile.  Then a few years later it was only at spring.  Now it seems like it’s various times of the year.
And right now they are killing me.  What’s even more mysterious is I seem to get a new symptom every year. 
In the last few days the skin on my eyelids have been bothering me.  They are a bit puffy, red, itchy sometimes and just feel sore and irritated.  I tried to think if I had tried any new eye shadows, mascaras, etc.  But no.  I have not changed a thing.  I thought it might be my makeup remover wipes but I have been using those for months with no problems. 
I didn’t wear anything on my eyes today.  No makeup or moisturizer or anything.  I took a Clairton pill this morning which I noticed lately hasn’t been working on my normal symptoms.  Odd, usually they work.  But man… my eyelids are killing me today!  All day long.  It feels as if someone rubbed them with sandpaper really hard and now they are raw.  The wind was kicking all day long too so obviously a bunch of crap is in the air today and the last few days.  Others I talked to today are having the same problems – taking allergy meds and STILL having symptoms like crazy.  So I’m wondering what the hell is in the air lately.  Dude… we need some rain and like NOW.
I finally stopped by the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what it could be.  Could it be allergies?  She said yes that’s probably what it is.  Especially since it’s both eyes feeling it.  How in the hell can the skin on your eyelids hurting be freaking allergies???  That’s a first.  Like I said, I seem to get a new symptom every year. 
I just popped another Clairton and took a hot wash cloth to my eyes for a bit – that seemed to help somewhat. 
Anyone else have this particular symptom?  Any remedies?  Anything stronger than Clariton out there?  Man… this is most unpleasant.

Dear John

I had been wanting to read the book “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks for awhile and just last week had finally picked up the book at a used book store.  The story definitely had my interest and of course I do like Nicholas Sparks stories.  Even though he is a bastard because he just kills me with these love stories. 
Anyway I was planning on starting to read it tonight.  Funny thing though, when I went to the New Moon movie last night guess what was in the upcoming attractions?  A movie based on Nicholas Sparks book… Dear John.  What a cowinky dink.  Damn them all!  They are going to kill me with them turning around and making another movie based on one of his books.  I’m sure it will be good.  Now I can’t wait to get it cracking and start reading.
The story?  Hunky soldier meets and falls in love with a pretty girl in a very short time.  They write letters back and forth while he is deployed and well…. I’ll leave it at that.  And if any of you know the ending, don’t farking tell me!  Even though all of Sparks books tend to end the same way, I still don’t want to know.  I’m a glutton for punishment.

Game On

So I met this guy on a dating site.  A young 30 something.  We seemed to hit it off on email and on the phone.  Seemed like a nice and normal guy.  He quickly asked me out and I accepted.  He wasn’t sure on where to take me so I told him to call me back in a day or two and surprise me.  Well… I didn’t hear back from him and the day we were suppose to go on a date came and went.
I called his number but he didn’t have his voice mail set up.  I left a message on his email.  Still nothing.  I have to admit, I was a bit irritated of course.
Tonight he called me.  He apologized up and down.  He said that his father had a heart attack and he had to take an emergency flight back home to Wisconsin and just got back this evening.  He thought he programmed my phone number in his phone but realized when he got there he didn’t.  He didn’t answer my call because quite a few clients will call him from my area code and he didn’t want to take those calls.  He didn’t know it was me on one of those calls.  He also didn’t know his voice mail wasn’t set up till he later saw his mom and she told him.  And…. he didn’t access his email while back home.
Normally I wouldn’t buy this kind of a thing from a guy but for some reason, I believe him.  I think he is telling the truth.  He seemed sincere in his many apologies to me and hoped I wasn’t upset and willing to give him another chance.  So… yes, I always believe in giving someone a 2nd chance, even if they do lie to me.  A 2nd chance give someone the opportunity to redeem themselves.  But not a third.
So….. we have re-set the date for tomorrow evening with dinner.  He said I was easy to talk to and was looking forward to meeting with me and says we will have a good time.  I hope so.  I could stand to have a nice time and meet a nice person.  We will see how this goes.  We’ll call him the accountant.

Fall Is Still My Favorite

I was doing some picture searches for fall and came across this really neat one.  I love it.  I love fall.  It’s my favorite season.  I want to walk through a fall colored forest with a sweater and jeans and enjoy a nice glass of wine while listening to the quiet.

New Moon Movie Review

I decided on a whim to catch the 10:20 pm showing of New Moon last night.  I figured there wouldn’t be any teeny boppers there that late on a Sunday night.  Yeah, I was wrong.  Don’t these punks have school on Monday?  Kids are suppose to be home in bed on a school night.  There wasn’t too many people but still, usually a movie that I catch that late, I have the theatre to myself.  Not the case this time as there were some people scattered about in the seats.
Of course everyone was quiet and well behaved until 3 giggly teeny boppers came in late and sat next to me giggling and texting on their phones.  Thankfully they finally settled down.  But I could still hear the occasional “He’s so hot” when guy images were on the screen.