So I had a pretty fun evening on Halloween.  I dressed up in a cute mafia girl costume.  I got lots of compliments on it all night long from men and women.  I looked pretty darn cute if I say so myself. 
My friend Liz was suppose to come down but ended up having to cancel her trip.  My one friend also cancelled her Halloween party, the one who was doing the mob/cops theme.  But that was cool because I got invited to another party of an ex-employee of mine who is also a friend.  Then after I headed to the bar.
I actually liked her party because it was nice and low key.  Probably 6 or 7 adults and a handful of kids.  Food, drinks, music and atmosphere.  It wasn’t a loud and crowded obnoxious party.  I like these types.  More intimate, relaxing and fun.  She was so excited to see me when I showed up since we haven’t seen each other in two years.  Her house is beautiful.  She honestly has the same decorating taste and style as I do and I must say I have good taste.  ha.  She gave me the grand tour and asked me if it met my approval.  I laughed.  Of course it did.  Unfortunately she just lost her job two months ago.  Ummm… yeah.  I tried to give her some insights as to what to do and take from my experience and wisdom.  I’d hate to see her lose that house.  It’s gorgeous!
I spent a couple of hours there and then headed over to the bar by the base.  I told her I would pick up a man and come back maybe.  heh heh.  The little bar was jumping.  They had a live band playing that was actually quite good and the lead singer had a fun personality.  Lots of people in costume and some not.  They had a costume contest for money.  I didn’t win.  Boo hoo!  I could have used the cash but the girl who won in best all around was totally cute.  They did a sexy group too but I didn’t enter that one.  Some whore who really didn’t have anything creative on showed her tits up there to the band (who were judging).  Not many people could see since her back was to the crowd but I was by the side and got a side view of her silicone sacks.  I couldn’t believe she did that.  I rolled my eyes.  Classy.  Like that is going to get you to win.   Thank gawd she didn’t.  She ended up whoring all over men the rest of the night.  She looked worn out in the face.  I overheard some guy at the bar saying what a turn off that was because you just didn’t know where that broad has been.  I chuckled.
Aside from that eye sore, the atmosphere was excellent.  It was busy but not packed which I like.  Not too many people and you can actually have a conversation in the place.  Decent little place that is growing on me more and more.  The drinks are SUPER cheap but not weak.  Excellent.  They even have a two part patio outside and they had the fires going.  Very nice.
A cutie that I had met the first night I went this bar was there.  He was chatting me up quite a bit.  Very cute, 35, never been married and no kids.  He seemed very interested in me.  
My friend Audra was there too and some cutie was hitting on her all night but she already has a boyfriend stationed at the Army base a few hours away.  He couldn’t make it up this weekend.  She was getting a bit tipsy and was cracking me up.  She kept pushing me to go for it with the 35 year old.  I told her I wasn’t looking for sex.  I could get that whenever I wanted and really not about to start banging people from a bar that I like coming to.  She smiled and understood.  The cute waitress there was talking to me quite a bit and seems to last few times I’ve been in there, so did Jo the bartender chick.  Nice people.
It was kind of funny as one chick kept staring at me and sizing me up.  I didn’t get it.  Then Audra told me that was the chick that one guy Joe was with that he ditched to be with me that one night.  That was the night he took off with Audra and I and was all smitten.  When he was in my car he was lying to someone saying he didn’t leave with two chicks and was in a cab and on his way home.  Audra and I kept giving him shit about his “girlfriend.”  He kept swearing up and down that he wasn’t “with” her and that he has known her and her sister (Jo the bartender) forever.  He said this chick likes him and won’t leave him alone and blah, blah, blah.  I kept saying, “sure, sure, then why did you lie about what you were doing on the phone with her?”  He said his van was parked at their house and he didn’t want them messing with it.  I just laughed.  Men are so full of crap.  But I still found it amusing.  Who knows, he could be telling the truth, he wasn’t there last night and she was so you never know.  In fact I haven’t seen him since.  Maybe he’s hiding.  heh heh  So…… fast forward back to Halloween and now I know why she keeps staring at me after Audra told me, “That’s the one.  That plain Jane with the 80’s perm.”
At one point I had thought about going back to the party.  If I know my friend, I know the guests with kids probably left and she was probably getting a bit more wild with music and booze.  The cutie I was talking to said he would go with me.  He said he was suppose to go to a friends party but decided to stay at the bar and I was the reason.  Of course that flatters me.  I did call my friend on his phone around 1am just to see if things were still going, she answered and was all like, “Hell yeah, my parties go till 4am girl!  Bring your friend!” 
But after a little while longer at the bar I decided against it as I was getting a little tired.  I think the cutie was bummed I wanted to call it a night.  Oh well.  I’m sure I’ll see him there again.
All in all it was a fun night.  I’m glad I have been going out lately.  I just seriously need to get out of the house and blow off steam and I’m having fun.  Audra mentioned we should drive down to Fort Huachuca to some club she heard about right outside the base in Sierra Vista.  She said her new boyfriend said (before he became her boyfriend) that it’s like 10 men to every girl there and that the two of us probably wouldn’t survive there because hardly any women go there and the ones who do are not all that attractive.  I laughed at that.  Audra was like, “Girl we need to go!”  It’s actually not a bad idea because I have an old girlfriend that lives in Sierra Vista.  Her dad knows my dad and is retired Army there.  So…. I can drive down and see an old friend right?  heh heh

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