I Cannot Believe This Administration

Ok I knew the guy was green, I knew he didn’t have much experience, I didn’t like the company he has kept, and not to mention he really hasn’t done jack shit.  But man… it just gets worse and worse.  They guy can’t even make a war decision.  He’s been sitting on Afghanistan for months.  His general practically begging for more troops and nothing.  Not a yes or no or anything.  How can you be a U.S. President and not be able to make war decisions??
He wants to close down Gitmo and put these terrorist war criminals where?  Ugh
If it wasn’t bad enough the main stream media doesn’t mention the word “terrorism” when that jerk shot up all those innocent people at Fort Hood, and that is EXACTLY what it was – Muslim extremist terrorism.  Now we have the Obama clan wanting to have the 9/11 terrorist masterminds have their trial in New York City????  These are known terrorist war criminals and they don’t get a military trial?????  This is so asinine on so many levels.  SOOOO many levels.  Rudy hits the nail on the head here and here.
Many other world leaders see him as being very weak.  Not good.  The team Obama has is also very, very, VERY bad.  God these people are idiots.  I know a lot of you people were pissed at Bush for Iraq and “misspeaks” but jeezus, really?  Really?  You vote for this piece of crap who knows NOTHING?  Who has no balls?  Who doesn’t even have the sense to surround himself with smart people?  At least Bush made friggin decisions.  At least he surrounded himself with smart people.  At least he had balls.

2 Responses to “I Cannot Believe This Administration”

  1. Cindy Says:

    hmmm. Clinton would rather watch golf than allow the troops take the shot that could have made a difference…

    One Big Ass Mistake America has made a few decisions: O-care, the ginormous unnecessary “bailout” that we’ll be paying for the rest of time. Good grief.

    He wasn’t qualified – he hadn’t even finished one term in congress. All he promised was Change. Well, we got change all right. And not for the better.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    Well said Cindy! I always snort when people would say how Sarah Palin had no experience. Um…. she’s had and done a hell of a lot more than Barry has. Two years in the senate?? Most of the time not even voting on things but rather voting “present” yeah…. he’s more experienced than Palin right? Pft. At least if Palin were in office she would have made a decision on Afg. months ago. Hell, even Hillary Clinton would have!

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