Oregon Is Now Mystery Man

So I had met this guy some weeks back the night I first met Audra.  He was the one that stuck to me like glue as soon as he saw me in the bar and tagged along with us the whole night.  The one that was smitten with me.  The one that kissed well.  The one from Oregon.  This was the one I was hoping to hear from. 
Hmmm…. where do I begin?  I left out some info on my first post about this night and this guy.  I figured it was too complicated to explain and my blog entry was already too long.  So let’s see if I can explain it here and now.
After Oregon was telling Audra and I we couldn’t leave, that we just got there, she told him to come with us if he wanted.  So he did.  He didn’t hesitate and didn’t tell anyone from his table that he was leaving.  He was there with this other chick Jo who used to work at the bar, some other girl and a few guys.
Well when he was in my car and we were headed out to the country bar, his phone kept going off and he was texting back to someone and sort of snickering.  Then the phone rang and he was talking to someone saying he was on his way home to go to bed.  At this point I wasn’t paying too much attention because I didn’t really care.  Then the phone rang again and he went on trying to make a case saying he was on his way home and in a cab.  Then at one point he said, “I did not leave with two girls.” At this point I started laughing.  I couldn’t stop either.  He looked at me smiling and making the shhhh symbol and it only made me laugh harder.  He was trying to cover my mouth.  Then said, “I didn’t leave with anyone, I’m going home.  I’m in a cab.  The cab driver is laughing at me now.”  Then he said, “Well he’s a liar, I didn’t leave with two chicks.” 
I couldn’t stop giggling because I kept thinking, this dude is a player.  Maybe he is dating one of those chicks and one of the guys saw him leave with Audra and I.  Now they were all calling him asking him where he went.  I found it quite humorous. 
It wasn’t till we got to the other bar and we got out of our cars and he was on the phone again explaining.  I then told Audra the deal.  So we both started teasing the hell out of him when he got off the phone about being a player.  He started swearing up and down to us that the girl calling “thinks” she is dating me and we are not dating!  Audra and I cut him off, “yeah, yeah, yeah….”
So the night progressed as I described in my original post.  When we were all settled down and at the Village Inn eating our breakfast the subject came up again and of course we teased him.  Calling him a player and cheater and such.  He was hell bent on explaining.  He said he had known the one girl Jo (who used to be the bartender at the bar) since they were kids and the other girl was her sister.  He said she liked him more than he liked her and so she likes to think they are dating or something. 
**Translation for women reading this:  He’s banging her.  No, he probably doesn’t consider himself and her a couple or dating her – but he’s banging her.  That’s my guess anyway.
So then at one point I ask, “So why lie then?  Why say you are going home?”  He explains how his van is parked out in front of their house (because they all went out together and he wanted to drink) and he doesn’t want them fucking with it or slashing the tires.  So this confirms my banging theory.  Audra and I just kept teasing and laughing.  He was getting frustrated trying to make his case how he is NOT dating her or WITH her.  He says to Audra, “I want to date her!” motioning in my direction.
So when you read my original post, the night went on and I dropped him up the street from his van.  He asked to take me out, asked for my number and kissed me.  It was funny because he asked if it was really my number and I laughed and said yes.
I never heard from the guy again.  He never called me.  We have never seen him in the bar since that night either.  Audra is completely surprised by this.  “There is no way he didn’t call you.  That guy wanted you!  I have never, and I mean never, seen a man act so ga-ga over someone like he was with you that night.”  She asked me if I checked the number that he put into his phone to make sure he programmed the right number and I told her no.  She threw a fit.  “You should have checked to see if he put it in there right or even had him call the number to be sure like I did with your number on my phone!!!  He probably put it in there wrong.”  Either that or this “not my girlfriend” chick got a hold of his phone, found my number and deleted it.  Or maybe he was just full of crap and didn’t call me.  Audra disagrees with that last one.
“No way” she says, “That guy was all up in your kool aid like nothing I have ever witnessed before.  That boy was smitten with you!”  I have to admit that he was so it is a mystery.
On Halloween when Audra and I were at the bar the “not my girlfriend” chick was there with Jo and their gang.  She kept staring at Audra and I.  Then on some other night that Audra went on her own she called me and told me they were there and the chick was giving Audra dirty looks and said to Jo, “we have to leave and you know why.”  So later Audra tried to be sly and texted to Jo (we both know her a little) and said, “Yeah your sister said you guys had to leave and it had to do with me and some dude named XXX (Oregon).  I have no idea what that’s about, do you know a guy named XXX?”  Jo only said “yes, he dated my sister for like two weeks.” and that was it.  
So Audra’s theory is that is why we haven’t seen him in the bar because those girls hang out there and doesn’t want to be around them.  And that he doesn’t have my number because either she deleted it or he typed in the wrong number into his phone that night.
All I know is, this sucks.  This was a guy I was interested in (even though I played it cool) as well but he’s gone.  Poof!  I have no idea where he is or what his number is or how to find him.  It reminds me of the time something similar like this happened with a certain sailor back in the 80’s.  We were interested in each other and then couldn’t find each other for months and then found each other.  The down side is that I went back to my asshole boyfriend and never saw that sailor again.  My biggest regret in life.  I was young and stupid.  To this day I still look for that one.
Audra asked a few regulars in the bar but none of them knew him so obviously he doesn’t go to this bar much I guess.  The only ones who would have his number would be Jo and her sister (not my girlfriend chick) but yeah, do you think they are going to give me or Audra his number?  I mean, we are the chicks that tore her playhouse down.  I kind of want to ask Jo for his number and lie and say he left something in my car and I want to return it to him but I know she’ll see through that.  *sigh*

6 Responses to “Oregon Is Now Mystery Man”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Hey, give it a shot – the jo thing – you never know. You have absolutely nothing to lose!

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I have seriously thought about it. I doubt she’ll give it to me though since that is her sister and they are probablly pissed he went out with us that night. But… still… you are right, it’s worth a shot.

  3. Barbi Says:

    SCREW IT! Ask her! What will she do? Go chickie! Go chickie!! go for it! I dare ya! I triple dog dare you!

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    So true Barbi. Next time I see her I will ask her. Triple dog dare me? Now I’m thinking of the tongue scene in A Christmas Story! lol My response to quote Flick, “I’m going, I’m going.”

  5. Martini Girl Says:

    By the by, I can’t wait to see you at Christmas Barbi. Though I’m sure your relatives will be hogging you guys up!

    And Cindy… you and the hubster need to come back to Phoenix for a visit again!

    I miss you all.

  6. Barbi Says:

    You are going to be where ever I am and I plan on spending a night or two with just you. I so need my Martini Girl fix!!!! I cant wait to see you either!!!

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