Game On

So I met this guy on a dating site.  A young 30 something.  We seemed to hit it off on email and on the phone.  Seemed like a nice and normal guy.  He quickly asked me out and I accepted.  He wasn’t sure on where to take me so I told him to call me back in a day or two and surprise me.  Well… I didn’t hear back from him and the day we were suppose to go on a date came and went.
I called his number but he didn’t have his voice mail set up.  I left a message on his email.  Still nothing.  I have to admit, I was a bit irritated of course.
Tonight he called me.  He apologized up and down.  He said that his father had a heart attack and he had to take an emergency flight back home to Wisconsin and just got back this evening.  He thought he programmed my phone number in his phone but realized when he got there he didn’t.  He didn’t answer my call because quite a few clients will call him from my area code and he didn’t want to take those calls.  He didn’t know it was me on one of those calls.  He also didn’t know his voice mail wasn’t set up till he later saw his mom and she told him.  And…. he didn’t access his email while back home.
Normally I wouldn’t buy this kind of a thing from a guy but for some reason, I believe him.  I think he is telling the truth.  He seemed sincere in his many apologies to me and hoped I wasn’t upset and willing to give him another chance.  So… yes, I always believe in giving someone a 2nd chance, even if they do lie to me.  A 2nd chance give someone the opportunity to redeem themselves.  But not a third.
So….. we have re-set the date for tomorrow evening with dinner.  He said I was easy to talk to and was looking forward to meeting with me and says we will have a good time.  I hope so.  I could stand to have a nice time and meet a nice person.  We will see how this goes.  We’ll call him the accountant.

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