New Moon Movie Review

I decided on a whim to catch the 10:20 pm showing of New Moon last night.  I figured there wouldn’t be any teeny boppers there that late on a Sunday night.  Yeah, I was wrong.  Don’t these punks have school on Monday?  Kids are suppose to be home in bed on a school night.  There wasn’t too many people but still, usually a movie that I catch that late, I have the theatre to myself.  Not the case this time as there were some people scattered about in the seats.
Of course everyone was quiet and well behaved until 3 giggly teeny boppers came in late and sat next to me giggling and texting on their phones.  Thankfully they finally settled down.  But I could still hear the occasional “He’s so hot” when guy images were on the screen.
On a side note, someone brought a baby and a really young kid together at a 10:20pm showing of New Moon????  Kept hearing the baby cooing and crying and the other little kid kept babbling and they were rows and rows behind me.  Hey dumb ass parents, get a fucking babysitter!  Kids need to be home in bed and it’s not appropriate to bring them that young out to a movie theatre.  If you can’t afford a babysitter then you can’t afford the movie at $9.50 a pop either, so stay your ass home.  /rant
The first thing I will say about the movie is it was way better than the first one.  The movie followed the book pretty darn closely.   Of course they modified a few things or left things out, to save time I’m sure but it still stayed pretty true.  I liked the music used as well, I’ll have to check out the soundtrack.
I also have to say I liked the way this one was filmed in the way of lighting, color, effects and cinematography.  Much prettier and colorful which I like.  This film was not filmed under that “blue” filter crap or green or yellow or any of that shit like the first one.  I HATE when movies are filmed with that!  I don’t need movie people to tell me a story is gloomy with that garbage.  I like real life color and this one was done that way.  THANK YOU.
Yes Edward looked all beautiful but whoa Jake!  That young boy actor is a little bit o hunka burning love.  Nice.  There was definitely eye candy for the hot blooded female audience.  I also have to say that Edwards father has it going on too.  heh heh  I like the way they dress Edward’s character in the movie.  I like men who dress like that.  Why I’m going on about wardrobe here I don’t know.  *shrugs shoulders*
The movie did drag in parts.  So if you are not really a Twilight fan, you’d probably get a little bored.  The acting was ok but not great.  The guy who plays Edward was a little better this time.  I did love the chase scene where they were chasing Victoria through the forest and simultaneously showing Bella at the cliff and her father doing tracking.  Good music, good effects and just a good scene all together.   They made Victoria cool in that scene.  The Italy scene was pretty fast paced and interesting too. 
I liked the movie for the most part.  Of course the book is much better.  Just seems hard to capture the true love stuff in the book and transfer it well on the screen.  Obviously they don’t have the time plus these actors are not anything stellar in their skills.  But they did a better job this time.  I liked it but didn’t loooove it.  I’m sure the die hard fans are all ga-ga over it and thinking it’s a stellar piece of cinema.  If you had to choose between the books and the movies – choose the books.  At least with Harry Potter both the books and the movies are good.

2 Responses to “New Moon Movie Review”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I may wait until who knows to see it. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I’m only going to end up with people who’ve already seen it 2-3 times already. And that will just annoy crap out of me.

    I’m with on bringing kids/baby to movies – if you can’t afford a babysitter, you should all stay home.

    People feel like they have to take their kids EVERYWHERE with them. And are then annoyed when they go to an upscale steak place and there’s no kid menu (happened to some friends at a very nice steak house downtown). DUH. Go to McDonald’s or cook your steak at home. Sheesh.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I hear ya Cindy. I love kids, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t get why people have them not only in inappropriate places but how late they keep these childeren up! It’s so selfish.

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