Jeepers Creepers… Oh My Aching Peepers

I never knew allergies before I moved to Arizona.  Never had a one aside from the fact I have been allergic to Penicillin since birth.  The first nine years of living here, I still didn’t have allergies, but the 2nd half of my time here so far, I’ve been getting them.  It started out small and once in awhile.  Then a few years later it was only at spring.  Now it seems like it’s various times of the year.
And right now they are killing me.  What’s even more mysterious is I seem to get a new symptom every year. 
In the last few days the skin on my eyelids have been bothering me.  They are a bit puffy, red, itchy sometimes and just feel sore and irritated.  I tried to think if I had tried any new eye shadows, mascaras, etc.  But no.  I have not changed a thing.  I thought it might be my makeup remover wipes but I have been using those for months with no problems. 
I didn’t wear anything on my eyes today.  No makeup or moisturizer or anything.  I took a Clairton pill this morning which I noticed lately hasn’t been working on my normal symptoms.  Odd, usually they work.  But man… my eyelids are killing me today!  All day long.  It feels as if someone rubbed them with sandpaper really hard and now they are raw.  The wind was kicking all day long too so obviously a bunch of crap is in the air today and the last few days.  Others I talked to today are having the same problems – taking allergy meds and STILL having symptoms like crazy.  So I’m wondering what the hell is in the air lately.  Dude… we need some rain and like NOW.
I finally stopped by the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist what it could be.  Could it be allergies?  She said yes that’s probably what it is.  Especially since it’s both eyes feeling it.  How in the hell can the skin on your eyelids hurting be freaking allergies???  That’s a first.  Like I said, I seem to get a new symptom every year. 
I just popped another Clairton and took a hot wash cloth to my eyes for a bit – that seemed to help somewhat. 
Anyone else have this particular symptom?  Any remedies?  Anything stronger than Clariton out there?  Man… this is most unpleasant.

3 Responses to “Jeepers Creepers… Oh My Aching Peepers”

  1. Leader Desslok Says:

    Just like allergies change, your reaction to allergy meds also changes over time. Try… uhh.. the one that starts with a Z… Zyrtec!
    I get the Walgreens or Target version of it, and it’s about the same cost as the Claritin. It’s a completely different formula.
    Also since it’s your eyes, try Visine-A, which is an anti-histamine eye drop, not just eye drops that wet your eyes.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    I’ll have to try the Zyrtec. I got some eye drops today but my eyes were already feeling better before I got them so… but they are still messed up. Still swollen lids and now the skin is dry. ugh.

  3. Martini Girl Says:

    Something else I notice is that it is so damn dry here and I thinkg that is making it bad. I also just realized I’m probably not drinking enough water either so I’ll be guzzling the h2o a lot over the next few days.

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