Save Money. Live Better. Screw Employees.

I had been anticipating the quarterly bonus that our store finally achieved this last quarter.  The amount would be about $400 to $500 dollars extra.  I was soooo looking forward to this bonus because I seriously NEED it.  Not for Christmas but just to live.  I have been employed with them for going on 8 months now and couldn’t participate in the last bonus because you had to be employed at least 6 months. 
Or so I thought.
Well…. turns out when I was talking to the personnel lady in my office today I’m NOT eligible for the bonus!!!!!  I have to be employed 6 months PRIOR to the start of the bonusing quarter!!!!!  Um…. I seriously do not, I repeat, do not recall having that little fucking important detail explained to us in orientation or any time after that whenever the talk of qualifying for bonus came up.  I’M SO PISSED OFF.
Now it’s very possible it was mentioned and maybe I had selective hearing but honest to god, I would have picked up on that.  And of course no where in our documents from day one in orientation does it mention that at all.  I’m going to ask my friend who is no longer employed there who started the same time as me and attended the orientation with me if she remembers that bs.
They might as well just say you have to be working for them a god damned year before you qualify.  This company sucks shit.  This is one of the worst companies I have worked for in pay, hours, benefits and how they work their employees.  I worked just as hard if not harder than some of these people at this store to help get them their precious profits for the last 8 months.
This company is no longer going to get one red cent from me EVER again.  I mean that.  I will bring my lunch, grocery shop somewhere else, etc.  I don’t care if I need to get a soda for my break either… I will walk across the parking lot to the new gas station and give them my money.  Never again will I give them any money.  Not one fucking penny.  Ever.

2 Responses to “Save Money. Live Better. Screw Employees.”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Christmas Vacation is all every night this week. If I could quote it, I would – Clark’s rant near the end – if that’s not the ….kick in the pants…floor-flushing…monkey shit…pass the tylenol! Just the highlights!

    The one I will get right is the son: That sucks.

  2. Liz Says:

    That sux!!!!!

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