Random New Year’s Thoughts

Even though I’m tired I’m still up.  I guess I just don’t want to work tomorrow or the next day.  Of course that really doesn’t make much sense because staying up late will only make it harder to get up for that rat hole tomorrow.  I really wish I had my old job where I worked regular hours, days and got the holidays off.  It sucks. 
I have a splitting headache too and can’t find my Excedrin.  I ran out to the convenience store and they didn’t carry it either, so I grabbed Aleve since I’ve never tried that one.  Took two and over an hour later it hasn’t worked.  I want my Excedrin!  Wah!
My friend Audra called and invited me to go to that night club we went to out by Fort Huachuca.  They are having a masquerade new year’s party where they will give everyone little bottles of champagne and party favors and just sounded like all around fun.  She’s getting a hotel room to crash there too.  Of course I have to work new year’s day in the early morning so it’s a no-go for me.  This sucks.  It sounded like fun.  I should have planned this better and just requested to have these two days off weeks ago.
Last year at this time I was doing something that I wish I were doing again.  I wish that one most of all and that sucks the worst that I can’t have that again.  It sucks bad.
Barbi invited me over after work to hang with her and the relatives.  They are going to be doing board games and such, which actually sounds like fun too.  I just don’t know if I’ll feel too tired or not – I’ve felt so tired lately.  We’ll see how I feel I guess.
Maybe I’ll catch a bit of the Three Stooges marathon they will be having on the AMC channel. 
Funny, I never really cared much for New Year’s.  I never really went out to clubs or parties – once in a blue moon I would but most years I just stayed in and watched TV and went to bed.  This year is different.  The holiday has a new reminder of memories for me and on top of that I’m just tired of my situation in this economy and so it just makes it hard too.


Saw this quote on Twitter and thought it was pretty great.
“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering If they made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem” – Ronald Reagan
I miss him so much.  *sigh*

Scrub My Brain

My gal pal Barbi was here last night.  Her and the fam-damily are in town for the holidays and she came by last night and spent the night.  We spent the whole day together today too.  It was so nice seeing her.  We thought about going out, but I opted for us to stay in which is funny because I’m usually in the mood to go out.  I think my schedule and working at the register has sucked up all my energy lately.
We watched some flicks, had some munchies and gabbed and gabbled all night.  Laughing and relaxing.  I don’t think we hit the sack till about 4am – just like old times – ha.  The next day we headed out to I-Hop and had some breakfast at noon.  Later picked up her teen and went to Ulta to look around.
Of course it was like old times like no time had passed and laughed our butts off.  We both still have very sick and twisted minds like no body else I know.  At one point she just randomly said, “I have such a filthy mind.  I need to just take out my brain and scrub it with hot soapy water.”  This was after conversations we had of molesting young men.  lol  On top of that she busted out this magazine and was dangling it in my face.  That’s just not a nice thing to do to a woman like me.

True Love Does Exist

Nothing good was on TV today and so I popped in my Walk the Line DVD.  I do really like this movie.  I like the music and the acting and most of all the story.  When ever I watch this one I see that well, maybe true love does actually exist and I become a believer all over again.  I needed this fix after all the dating garbage I seem to run into.
Neither one of these people were saints, but it’s nice to see them overcome those things and go on to live a very full and happy life together.  It was only a few short months after June Carter’s death that Johnny died too.  Even in death, they weren’t apart very long and tells me he couldn’t live without her.
Yes, I am a romantic.  I do believe in true love – true, real and HAPPY love.  People like this are proof.  My parents are proof.  A man I used to work with at MCI was proof too.  He always spoke so very well about his wife, the things he did for her and the things she did for him and they had been married 10 years.  Best friends who were still very much in love and happy.  That’s the way it should be.
Maybe that’s why I’m still single.  I’ve held out for the real deal.  I may get married or I may not.  But I still believe.

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Working Christmas Eve At Walworld

Sucks major ass.

I’m Officially Old. Either That or Officially An Idiot

There is this really weird thing I tend to be doing lately and for a bit of a while now.  I always seem to set items down in places that I know damn well I’m not going to find later when I will be looking for them.  I have no idea why I have been doing this.  Have you done this?  —— Say for example I’ll have my work badge in my pocket when I come home and instead of putting it in the usual two places when I’m done with it which is either my purse or the table with my phone… for whatever reason I set it on my desk or by the bathroom sink or in the kitchen. 
Then I’ll kind of have this mental note in my mind, “Now Martini Girl, will you remember it’s here later?”  “Yeah…” I’ll tell myself like a kid does.  Then of course guess what happens.  The time comes in the morning to go to work and the badge is not in it’s usual place and then I’m hunting high and low and cursing myself for being a jackass who convinced herself she’d remember where she put it.
This week it’s a check I got in the mail from my parents.  I set it somewhere and I remember asking myself if I will remember it here.  Of course now I cannot find it!!!!!  I’m losing my mind.  And don’t ask why I continue to do this crap.  I have no idea.  I have just started this behavior the last year and usually miss organized.  My habits and behaviors have changed so dramatically since being unemployed for two years.  It’s odd.  Very odd.  Maybe a shrink would be able to analyze it.