Dear John Book Review

I had been meaning to post this the other day but kept forgetting.  I got through the book pretty quickly.  For the most part I liked the book, of course I like love stories and Nicolas Sparks ones to boot.
Instead of going into all what the story is about, you can pretty much read that here in a nutshell or view the trailer of the upcoming movie on it, I’ll just give you some favorite parts from the book.  One thing I’ll note is I’m sure Hollywood’s version will be different.  It already is from looking at the preview by making the leading lady a blonde.  In the book she is a brunette.  Figures Hollywood would make her a blonde. 
When he was teaching her to surf and the water was very cold…
“Okay,” she said again, more to herself than me.  She took a small step forward, then another.  As she moved, her face was a mask of concentration, and I like the way it looked.  So serious, so intense.  So ridiculous.
    “Quit laughing at me,” she said, noting my expression.
    “I’m not laughing.”
    “I can see it in your face.  You’re laughing on the inside.”
    “All right, I’ll stop.”
Then when she does her very first try on the surf board…
“Get ready…,” I said, timing it.  “Okay, start paddling…”
    As the wave hit us, I pushed the board, giving it some momentum, and Savannah caught the wave.  I don’t know what I expected, except that it wasn’t to see her pop straight up, keep her balance, and ride the wave all the way back to shore, where it finally petered out.  In the shallow water, she jumped off the board as it slowed and turned with dramatic flair toward me.
    “How was that?” she called out.
    Despite the distance between us, I couldn’t look away.  Oh man, I suddenly thought, I’m in real trouble.
When he was sharing the not so great moments of his life…
    I told her that story, too.  Don’t ask me why.  I knew I should have been putting my best foot forward and tossing out crap to impress her, but with Savannah that wasn’t possible.  For whatever reason, she made me want to tell the truth, even though I barely knew her.
When he asked her out on a date…
    She wrapped her arms around her knees.  “I usually don’t date strangers,” she finally said, “and we only met yesterday.  You think I can trust you?”
    “I wouldn’t,” I said.
    She laughed.  “Well, in that case, I suppose I can make an exception.”
    “Yeah,” she said.  “I’m a sucker for honest guys with crew cuts.  What time?”
After he woke up to her in the morning on the beach….
    When the sun began its rise from the sea on Sunday morning, I sat up beside Savanna.  Her face was lit with the glow of dawn, and her hair fanned out over the blanket.  She had one arm across her chest and another above her head, and all I could think was that I would like to spend every morning for the rest of my life waking up beside her.
After he realized their short time together was soon coming to an end not long after they met…
    It was perhaps the most idyllic week I’d ever spent.  My feelings for Savannah had only grown stronger, but as the days wore on, I began to feel a gnawing anxiety at how soon all of this would be ending.  Whenever those feelings arose, I tried to force them away, but by Sunday night, I could barely sleep.  Instead, I tossed and turned, and thought of Savannah, and tried to imagine how I could be happy knowing she was across the ocean and surrounded by men, one of whom might come to feel exactly the way I did about her.
Saying good-bye to her when his leave ended….
    She took a step backward as the car began to roll.  I could still see her through the rearview mirror.  I thought about stopping.  My dad would understand (not meeting him for dinner).  He knew how much Savannah meant to me, and he would want us to have one last evening together.
    But I kept moving, watching her image in the mirror grow smaller and smaller, feeling my dream slip away.
They write, they call, they see each other some more and so on.  There was also more to the story than just them.  Interesting stuff about his dad, his life and so on.  There was a part towards the end of the book that seemed to drag for me, right after his dad died.  I don’t want to give the ending away but of course in true Nicolas Sparks form, it pisses me off.  And for that, he is still a bastard.

2 Responses to “Dear John Book Review”

  1. Liz Says:

    I know what you mean about the endings of his books. I’m like you though, I’m a sucker for them.

  2. Martini Girl Says:

    At least no one died in this one! Well his dad did but none of the main characters did.

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