West Point Speech

I missed Barry’s speech the other night and I kicked myself.  Not that I’m a fan of his mind you, but I did want to watch the speech and see what he had to say and what is on his agenda.  I think it’s still important to watch and listen even if you don’t like him.  It’s still important to know what is going on and knowing where the Commander in Chief (no matter how asinine) is taking our country.
Well I finally watched it in parts on Youtube. 
My comments – Part 1
  • The reception of West Point cadets…. pretty lackluster.  Especially compared to how they greeted Bush when he was in office.
  • So…. the Iraq war will be done in 2011.  Well that’s good.  Time to get out.  But I honestly wonder if we’ll hit that deadline.  The Govt. is sloooooow.
  • Hmmm… he mentions 9/11 and all that but funny, he never ever seems to use the word “terrorists” or “terrorism” does he?  Damn, I miss Bush just for words like “Evil doers.”
  • I hate the way he pronounces the words Pakistan and Taliban and he says them over and over and over.
My comments – Part 2
  • Oh he’s saying “let me be clear…” with comments about there has never been a delay in his decisions or the resources needed for the Afghan war.  Really?  Oh wait… he’s saying it was during his “review period”  Wow.  That’s one long ass review period don’t cha think? 
  • Oh wow he said “terrorism” but in the context of political parties arguing over it.  Figures.
  • “I see first hand the terrible wages of war.”  Really?  Because you visited Walter Reed Hospital and read letters from families?  Uh.. no Mr. President, the soldiers out in the war zone sees first hand the terrible wages of war.
  • Well at least he recognizes the importance of hunting down and stopping these terrorist bastards and at least he will send 30,000 more troops there.
My comments – Part 3
  • Blah, blah, we need to be partners with this country and that one, blah, blah.
  • He goes into why we have to send more troops and why we can’t pull out or keep things the same.  Good points.  Honestly though, he’s throwing that out there for the democrats who are against this.
  • Now he’s going on about the cost of the war.  Ugh.  Who gives a crap.  That’s nothing compared to the debt we are reaching in our own country with the economy and other spending.
  • Lots of people sleeping in the audience at this point. 
  • Interesting, there really hasn’t been any applause on any points except early in the speech about drawing down Iraq.  But the rest so far, na-da.
My comments – Part 4
  • He’s making some really good points about America here.  Good points about our values, and how we have tried to do the right thing, etc.  That’s a plus point.
  • Ahh… finally, some applause here.  Rightly so too.  This part of the speech seems to be sincere.
  • Oh god, now he ruins it by the dull rah rah same ole thing about teachers and regular Joe’s blah blah.
  • He makes a good point about the 9/11 unity here.  No surprise that gets applause too.
Well it was a long overdue speech.  Should have been done months ago in my opinion.  Nothing in there we didn’t expect.  He also came across very, very stern.  Of course he had to, because he knows how weak he is looking right now to the world.

2 Responses to “West Point Speech”

  1. Leader Desslok Says:

    By saying 2011, he’s guaranteed that most of the cadets present, who signed up to fight the war, will pretty much be out of luck. No wonder they’re bored…

  2. Martini Girl Says:


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