Jackass Catch 22

Why in the hell are employers doing credit checks for you to get a job??????  I got in contact with a colleague that I used to work with MCI and she now works for Manpower.  She had told me about a customer service telemarketing job in downtown Phoenix.  It pays $12 and hour, is 37.5 hours a week AND benefits!!!!!!
The little catch is they do a credit check.  They just want to make sure you are not in bankruptcy and foreclosure.  Just fucking great.  My credit that was once PERFECT is in the toilet now because of being unemployed for almost two years.  So… you are going to hold this against someone?  How jacked up is this???
Why doesn’t Obama and congress make themselves really useful with the economy and law passing by keeping employers from doing this?  Especially in this messed up economy!
I’ll submit my resume anyway but I’m sure I’m screwed.

7 Responses to “Jackass Catch 22”

  1. Barbi Says:

    Someone told me that was going on. What a total bunch of shit! HOw is it possible? It really is none of their business what is gonig on in my personal life! That pisses me off!

  2. Cindy Says:

    It’s been going on for a long while. 12 years ago when I started where I’m at they did a credit check and they wanted a copy of my driving record even though the position did not require driving.

    When I asked about both they just said that’s their policy.

    I think it’s just one more way to weed people out. I’ll be praying for ya!

  3. Scott Says:

    Have u seen this?http://www.ehow.com/i/#article_5720321
    credit check freezing.

  4. Martini Girl Says:

    scott, nothing came up for that link. Is it correct?

  5. Scott Says:

    It works on my iPhone. I’ll double check on my mac later tonite and post again.

  6. scottsright Says:

    I think my iphone browser translated the address differently. Sorry, didn’t even think about that happening!

    Anyway, try this. It works on my desktop. http://www.ehow.co.uk/how_5720321_stop-credit-checks.html

    Good luck.

  7. Martini Girl Says:

    The link works now but it says the Sate of CA? So not sure I qualify. Also there is a charge for it. I can’t afford paying for stuff like that right now unfortunately.

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