I Got Two Toys To Paradise

Eddie Money is coming to town and doing an accuostic Christmas concert at the Celebrity Theatre.  Now this may not be a bad show to catch.  For one the tickets are only $20 – I mean wow!  2nd its at the Celebrity Theatre where EVERY seat in the house is a good one – awesome venue where you will be very close to the performer.  And 3, it would give me a chance to see an Eddie Money concert in it’s entirety. 
Back in the 80’s I got a free concert ticket in Hawaii with my boyfriend and few other friends to see him.  Of course the drunken rowdy ass crowd of GI’s rushed the stage and trashed it and got violent.  They were drunk from the double header ball game before Eddie came out.  Well after like the 5th or 6th song, Eddie took off.  I have to say that whole thing was funny as hell.
What’s even more interesting is I follow the Celebrity Theatre on Twitter and I just saw this tweet from them:
Bring an unwrapped toy to the box office and receive your ticket to Eddie Money Accoutic Christmas on Thursday December 17 for only $5.
So wow!  $5 and a new toy??  You really can’t beat that with a stick.  I’m wondering if ticket sales are down for Eddie to promote this.  Or maybe he’s helping with the economy.  Or maybe he’s just not greedy.  Or maybe it’s just not going to cost him much with him and a gee-tar on stage. 

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